1. Listmage1

    No we aren’t showing you paintings taken from The National Gallery, these are by British painter Simon Casson. At first you notice the incredible talent this guy has and how they could be easily passed off as Renaissance or baroque classics, with a twist of course. I love the mix of formal and haphazard paint strokes, mixed together to create a collage-type effect. He drags paint across the eyes of the bourgeois or incorporates what look like different paintings almost randomly but somehow it works. These really are pretty amazing and we’ve seen nothing like it.

  2. Seablues-list

    Pratt Institute graduates Cait Opperman and Yael Malka spent the summer of 2012 travelling across Europe and North Africa with only each other for company. On their way they kept an in-depth visual diary of each other as well as the people that housed them along the way. They also managed to capture a stunning selection of landscapes, interiors and shots of the natives of each country they passed through living life as only they know how. The resulting book of images, Sea Blues, is a wonderful study of two people finding their place in the world and experiencing that uniquely American coming-of-age, the road trip.

  3. Listimage

    As you can probably tell we love a good landscape and they don’t come better than this. Mixed Environments is a project by Brendan Austin, a man who is lucky enough to have lived in places like South Africa, Singapore, Thailand and New Zealand, and now resides in New York City. Brendan has travelled the world to give us rolling hills, chilly plains and a crazy yellow fog. This project shows us how magnificent our planet is, he has even managed to make pylons not look like eye sores. Don’t deny it, this is well and truly landscape porn.

  4. List

    There’s something overwhelming about turning up in an unfamiliar city during one of the major design jamborees and it can be hard to know where to start. But a new initiative from HTC and Wallpaper* provides carefully-curated guides to a several design-savvy cities showcasing shops, bars and galleries far from the madding crowds.

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    Finding it hard to care much about life these days? Let this round-up selection of life-affirmingly creative links and projects bring you back to your old, happy self. Okay, so “life-affirmingly creative” is maybe an exaggeration, but it’s Friday and everyone exaggerates on Friday! Like your mate Craig who said he had fifteen pints that time. He didn’t, Craig’s a liar. Sort your shit life out, Craig.

  6. Sa16-list

    Well a very good day to you all. As we wind down to the extended bank holiday weekend we thought we’d throw a podcast your way as you’ve got a three-day weekend in which to enjoy it (perhaps more than once) and think over the news we’ve bestowed upon you. In a radical twist of events your usual host (the silky-voiced Rob Alderson) had to be in New York for the week so we’ve changed things up a bit (not much) with exciting results!

  7. Listimagegd

    Fake Paper is a one-(wo)man band multi-disciplinary studio run by graphic designer and illustrator Chloé Desvenain. With a lengthy portfolio, there isn’t anything fake about the quality of Chloé’s work (see what I did there?) . Taken from a variety of projects of illustration, a bunch of identities and posters for a variety of events – Chloé shows us she has a variety of wonderful styles, from simple but effective pictograms to frenzied, colourful illustrations. Really love the new identity developed for Rewrite Magazine, which you can check the rest of it on her site here.

  8. Main

    “Well if it’s in the papers then it must be true!” was a sarcastic quip that your elders would say when you were relaying a tall story you had read earlier that day. Not much has changed, but nowadays we lay a lot of trust in websites rather than broadsheets. Daniel Schwarz doesn’t trust the apps and websites we rely on for so much these days, and has spent a painstakingly long time searching out area of Google maps where, due to the land being photographed at different time, the entire topography can change entirely and is, essentially, false. In Daniel’s own words:

  9. Listimage

    Six months on from featuring this lovely chap on our site, Alex Gibbs has hopped across the world to do a residency in China, where he has been given a room in The China Academy of Art situated in Hangzhou. He tells us he leads a simple life producing work on unlikely material like newspapers, hotel pads and greaseproof paper. Away from sexual exploitation and other dark things we showed you last year, he has progressed to colour popping scenes of Chinese life.

  10. Nowhere-list

    German Photography paper Der Greif has generated a hard-won reputation for itself over the course of only six issues. Within its pages sit an impressive range of photographers, from the established to the up-and-coming, who all produce exceptional work. But producing a newspaper was never Der Greif’s sole intention and they’ve recently realised the next stage of their ambitious plans and moved into the world of book publishing.

  11. Mcfarland-list

    “What the heck is going on here!?” is almost definitely what you’re thinking right now. And you’d be right to question your eyes. Devon McFarland’s hastily-composed felt-tip and gouache mashups are pretty bizarre. At first glance (as well as second, third and fourth) it appears as though Devon’s handed some of his sketchbooks to a toddler to furiously colour in; a toddler with great taste in complementary colours and an extremely over-developed sense of humour. Whatever his actual technique may be we love the wilful exuberance of Devon’s work; the angry gnomes and aggressive pieces of fruit – and though we can’t really work out what’s going on either, we honest to God don’t care. It’s great stuff.

  12. Listimage

    French photographer and graphic designer Alban Grosdidier has decided to submerse his subjects in water for his metaphoric series Drowning. These guys are holding their composure pretty well seeing as there is definitely a claustrophobic feel about them. Not just wanting to get people in the bath, he explains to Galo Magazine what the project means:

  13. Main2

    When you’re walking along and you see a pigeon nibbling at some weave-strewn chicken in the gutter, or when you’re watching someone dressed in a Pikachu costume being sick at a party, or browsing the gift section of a provincial corner store, you may be unwittingly witnessing things that Jamie Lee Curtis Taete manages to actually capture with his lens. Most of us pass by these tawdry, depressing sights without a second thought, but it takes someone like him to record it for the good of civilisation.

  14. Listimages_web3

    To conclude our speaker profiles for Here 2013 we present to you multi-award-winning international stage and costume designer Es Devlin. Her stunning work spans a number of genres: from film and TV to music, dance and theatre.

  15. Whitney-list

    As an institute specialising in modern and contemporary American art it seems essential that The Whitney Museum should have an identity that reflects its contemporaneous status, and with plans to expand into a second Manhattan site in 2015 that need seems even more urgent. The Whitney have realised this and have just commissioned Experimental Jetset to revamp and rebrand this established and respected institution, imbuing it with a sense of fun and experimentation that better represents the artists on display. The Whitney’s new logo mark, a malleable ‘W’, is a bold, confident symbol that can be reimagined and reinterpreted to suit the museum’s diverse needs. There’s not many institutions that would embrace such a fluid identity but it’s testament to The Whtney’s ambition that they’ve opted for something so bold.

  16. Mj-list

    We Cross The Line have already demonstrated that they’re more than capable of producing engaging short documentaries but now the small team of Belgian and Italian film-makers have branched out into new territory, producing their first ever music video. Uncomfortable follows a similar recipe to their documentary work – find someone who’s naturally interesting and point the camera at them – and manages to match the music incredibly well. So prepare to meet Emiliano, a Michael Jackson impersonator from Rome who honours the King of Pop on the city’s streets on a daily basis, albeit with a cheeky little belly that’s more akin to another King.

  17. Mixtape_space_int_list

    This week we were all talking about Tim Peake being the first UK astronaut to visit the space station out in…outer space, so in honour of his bravery we decided to make our monthly playlist SPACE themed! Not necessarily all relating to outer space, some of these songs hark back to the feeling of being in a teenage bedroom, getting out and about in the great outdoors or even just being in your trusty old house. Apart from Holly, our intern, she chose Modjo’s “Lady (Hear me Tonight)” because that would be what she’d want to hear if she was flying through space on her own. Fair enough. Here it is!

  18. Machinedreams-list

    British music festivals take note, this is the second excellent identity for a Scandinavian festival we’ve featured this week.THIS WEEK. Those Finns and Norwegians are having a blinder. The first came from Santtu Mustonen and Flow festival and this one arrived direct from Non-Format, who have produced a selection of anthropomorphic robotic faces for this year’s Only Connect Festival of Sound, this year themed around Machine Dreams. The illustration and design work is all top notch and we must confess we’re excited by the programme, which looks like a covetable piece of print in its own right. Come on Glastonbury, you know what to do; that little ring of dancing men won’t cut it forever.

  19. Listimagemichael

    It’s not abnormal to enjoy exhibitions, after all, thats the idea but when you come across a show that blows your mind to smithereens – now that’s uncommon. This is how I felt when I attended Michael Landy’s “Saints Alive” at the National Gallery. Armed only with the knowledge that Michael had “constructed robotic saints that move around,” I had no idea what to expect.

  20. Listimagegracia

    She’s back! Gracia Lamb, born in Hong Kong and now living in Canada, has updated her portfolio with some delights. Still in her brilliant style we loved so much last year, you cannot deny Gracia is consistently hitting the nail on the head. Her portfolio is brimming with impressive clients like The New Yorker and Random House, and she has won a bunch of awards too. Simple with surprising depth, her illustrations are colourful yet do not detract from the brief given – it definitely seems like no challenge is too big for Gracia.

  21. Main1

    Not often does a video simultaneously make James Cartwright admit feeling that he’d rather be a girl than a boy (finally) and also make me genuinely want to participate in competitive sport – but this one did. This was released a few months back, but because I only ever witnessed it in the five seconds before a YouTube clip until I could skip, it meant it was never watched in full. The first time I actually did, I watched it three times in a row.

  22. Sotm-list

    Ahoy there students! We’ve got another announcement for you. You know how just there other day we launched our Represent-sponsored The Graduates 2013? In all the excitement you probably thought we’d forgotten about Student of The Month didn’t you? But we haven’t – not at all – and in the relentless fashion of one of our favourite monthly features it’s back for May 2013. As ever, the deadline is tight (you’ve got until next Tuesday, May 28) but we’ve got every faith in you, so get sending in your work!

  23. Main

    Please welcome very busy image-maker Mr Chad Kouri. Tirelessly juggling about a hundred projects at once, Chad is a good example of someone whose work/play life is as one. His consistent swapping of mediums makes him one of Chicago’s most impressive commercial multimedia artists. He’s also a bit of a dab hand at typography. Here he is, let us introduce Chad Kouri…

  24. Opinion-list

    Our intern Holly Wilkins talks about the current status of gardening and how the Chelsea Flower Show, which often ticks all the boxes of an art and design exhibition, can sometimes fall on deaf ears.

  25. Hickmann-list

    Last year studio Fons Hickmann M23 produced a beautiful yearbook for Dresden’s Semperoper, interspersing beautiful photographs and engravings of the city’s history with bold geometric shapes; transforming a severe monochrome landscape with bursts of colour and texture. This year they’ve done it again, moving the concept one step further with geometric collages of Dresden fused with other locations across the globe – creating strange patterns that function as optical illusions. As ever, the accompanying design is first rate but it’s the commissioned images that really steal the show.

  26. Main

    Very happy to welcome Slugabed back to It’s Nice That with the video for his new single Bombok, released to coincide with the launch of his new record label, Activia Benz. The word Bombok alone conjures up memories of the word bombastic and the feel of most Thai beach resorts, so it comes as no surprise that this video is nice, seizure-inducing a mixture of the two.

  27. Main

    It’s certainly not often that online dating references make us do anything other than cringe on our morning commute (I’m looking at you hand-drawn type and soft-focus record player) but please welcome an absolute game-changer from Channel 4! Meet Arthur, the grieving tortoise who, after losing his wife in the zoo in which they’ve shared a life together, goes on the hunt for a new companion.

  28. Listimagephoto

    It’s not often we feature a fashion shoot on It’s Nice That, but when we do, they are pretty spectacular. Edie Campbell (away from her usual light hues) dons jet black hair and the smokiest eyes I’ve ever seen for a US Vogue’s June 2013 shoot in Morocco, shot by well known photographer Peter Lindbergh. There is a loose story line following a lone traveller through Morocco and is rather unlike other fashion shoots, mainly due to the charming compositions detracting your gaze away from the clothes to the surrounding environment of mosaic tiles and desert landscape.

  29. Ping-list

    It’s been ages since we featured any of Ping Zhu’s work, which means (because she’s a supremely in-demand, freelance-illustrating genius) that she’s got an absolute shed-load of updates on her site. Since we last met Ping’s been working for Plansponsor, The New York Times and The New Yorker on an almost weekly basis it seems, in between whiles finding time to put together an impressive installation at this year’s Pick Me Up and fill up a home-made sketchbook with work that she’s documenting on her blog. Because of this slavish attitude to work Ping’s illustration just keeps on getting better – and we were big fans in the first place. Hopefully we’ll be seeing her on the cover of The New Yorker soon!

  30. Main

    A recent graduate from Pratt in New York, Anthony Cudahy has an incredible talent when it comes to painting. Using the gouache method, Anthony’s pieces are romantic and fluid with the lively brush strokes and large blocks of colour suggesting a sense of ambiguity. Anthony explains his concept in the statement below:

  31. Focke-list

    The Antarctic is a terrifying place; a barren wasteland of desolate white that readily claims the lives of those that don’t respect it. I’ve not been, of course, but I’ve heard the rumours; it’s trouble. In stark contrast to the harsh reality of surviving there is its striking natural beauty. In among all that freezing white are beautiful textures and strange natural patterns that seem to mask the underlying danger.

  32. Main

    If you haven’t yet seen Anton Alvare’s spectacular thread-wrapped furniture, you’re in for a treat. With the typical RCA-graduate mix of staggering intelligence and creativity in one go, Anton now spends his time constructing incredible furniture utilising machines that he designs and builds himself. Not bad, eh? His bookshelf is, unsurprisingly, an incredibly enjoyable read. Until, of course, you reach the bit about the limited edition Misaki Kawai book, then you just find yourself wondering how best to break an enter into his home.

  33. Listimages_web

    Nope these guys aren’t Canadian, they are the Spanish collective founded in 2008 by directors Luis Cerveró, Nicolás Méndez and Lope Serrano with the intention of producing their own work under the umbrella label CANADA. The three directors work alongside producers Oscar Romagosa and Alba Barneda to create commercials for big clients such as Adidas and Sony.

  34. P_p-list

    It’s nice when animation and education come together to produce something that’s really engaging rather than just pure eye-candy. Suddenly you’re struck by the ability of a such a fluid medium to communicate messages quickly and concisely without you even realising you’re learning. So it is in the case of Part and Parcel’s latest work for The Ford Foundation, Time To Succeed, a short animation that proposes a reform to the American education system. It’s a simple, unfussy look at something that many of us will know nothing about, but by the end you’ll find yourself agreeing with the message wholeheartedly.

  35. Listimageaw

    New York City is one of those places, like London, where there are just too many people and at any point you may suddenly be engulfed by a mass of tourists, commuters and others about their daily business. This is when Amani Willett takes the opportunity to capture the dynamics of your average crowd, revealing a world of outrage, frustration and solemn expressions. Amani believes “the beauty of a photograph is that it can compel us to re-examine seemingly mundane scenes and events of everyday life.” With compositions you wouldn’t think would work, touché Amani.

  36. Mainsky

    Can you recall your final hours before the D&AD deadline? Were your sweating, shaking hands clutching a blunt scalpel in a last, desperate attempt to get that binder as perfect as possible? Horrible. Scott Carthy and Ben Pender on the other hand were probably two pints deep at the SU at this point, laughing about their absolute triumph of a film.

  37. Main

    What more could you ask for on a boring Tuesday than a creative three-way collaboration between some of the world’s most up-and-coming designers? These silky, foldy, layered scenes are the result of severafrahm, JAG Zoeppritz and Aesthetics Habitat putting their creative minds to work and coming up with these strange dream-like sets.

  38. Listimage

    Nothing intrigues us more than a crazy criminal, and the same can be said for Sean Lewis, whose intricate illustrations are of the dark humour variety. Hailing from Toronto, Sean won the gold medal at The Ontario College of Art and Design for these drawings of dangerous outlaws and that is no surprise. Whether they depict Andreas Yates who suffered from dementia and, under a warped religious vision, drowned her children in the tub or John Torrio, a well-known Italian mobster in New York City, these richly coloured illustrations infuse just the right amount of monstrous and darn right beguiling.

  39. Gilligan-list

    Poor balance and an inability to wear beanies convincingly has always kept me from skateboarding. As a naive teenager I once pinched a friend’s deck for all of five minutes before planting my chin on tarmac and giving up the idea of ollies and kick flips forever (I’ve still got the lingo though, am I right!?). Still, there’s a part of me that’s painfully aware that I missed out on some good vibes by forgoing skateboarding in my formative years and these images from Richard Gilligan rub salt in that smarting wound.

  40. Main

    I could try and explain this to you using some wacky It’s Nice That jargon, but to be honest the blurb beneath Tom Jobbins incredible mixed-media video sums it up better than I ever could. “In 1977 NASA sent a Golden Record into space. It encapsulated the greatest achievements of humanity, and included photographs of its species. One of these photos is of Larry, he hopes this will propel him to
    the status of Earth Ambassador. This is Larry’s intergalactic story of life and love.” And what a story! Tom is seriously good at animation, so to combine this talent with the tale of humans catapulting a golden record of their achievements into the stratosphere is a winning combo. Definitely worth a watch!