1. Listimage

    Jacopo Servitano, a graphic designer from Germany, has designed these brilliant posters and flyers for Rome-based party promotors Beat Up! Striking to say the least, these colourful graphics have a wide range of inspiration, from art deco to geometry. Jacopo also likes to play with symmetry in his illustrations, adding a subtle simplicity to the designs. With promotional posters like these, you’ll be hitting up Beat Up!‘s parties all the time – looks like I’m coming to Rome!

  2. Theend-list

    It’s not very often that grown women and men alike can be reduced to tears with a few select lines of heartfelt prose, rarer still that that prose should develop into a superbly illustrated graphic novel, the contents of which are by turns heartbreaking and hilarious. But Anders Nilsen has managed to create such a work; a rare beast of autobiographic narrative that’s both deeply tragic and wonderfully life-affirming.

  3. Main

    They say that girl power died when the Spice Girls’ Viva Forever was cancelled due to bad ticket sales , but nuh uh! Ryan Kenny smashes up anti-girl power theories with his trusty camera that basically turns every girl it fires a shot at into a hilarious, roll-up smoking, rock diving, water fight starting, firework lighting girl.

  4. Main

    Adam Avery popped into our lives via email last week with his portfolio absolutely brimming with fantastic editorial illustrations. Adam’s work is made up of the magic combination of clever ideas delivered with a really strong style that he must have been working on for a while. The friendly, colourful nature of the work is like a commissioner’s dream, and has brought him jobs such as editorials for The Guardian and some striking imagery for Earthday 2013. There’s nothing available in his online shop at the moment which is a bit of shame, but let’s hope he makes some t-shirts, prints and postcards asap so we can spend our hard-earned cash on it immediately.

  5. Listimageji

    Set up by Korean photographer Ji Yeo, The Beauty documents the increasing importance of self improvement in Korea specifically women, who are falling pray to the ideal image personified by the media. These portraits bare all the scars, bruises and pain these women have to go through to make themselves “beautiful”. In a world where looks are more important than personality, the sombre attitude of these women sitting in their hotel rooms shows the powerful influence of the media and whether the individuals wanted to have it or not.

  6. Kanye

    Who said that the only way to get your music out was through the internet? Whoever it was obviously didn’t speak to Kanye West, who this weekend, ‘premiered’ his single New Slaves onto 66 different public buildings across the globe. Bystanders from Brooklyn to Sydney gawped at an oversized, front-on depiction of one of the most powerful men in music for the duration of his latest single – and the raw, personal effect has led to a ripple of individual anecdotes being spread internet-wide. Smart.

  7. Plugg-list

    As a religious Radio 4 listener I’m constantly troubled by the appearance of The Archers twice daily, interrupting the station’s otherwise exciting range of shows. When the theme music starts I’m quick to switch the volume off, but I’ve often wished for a more literal way to put a cork in my least favourite radio drama (nobody cares what’s going on down on that bloody farm).

  8. Flow-list

    Santtu Mustonen’s visuals for Tsto’s 2011 Flow Festival identity were an absolute belter, his organic forms lending an element of tangible excitement to the event’s print and digital collateral. Two years on he’s back with more, for the 2013 instalment, and they’re looking just as slick as before. This time Santtu seems to be drawing inspiration from plant life, creating vibrant flora with his trademark combination of painterly skill and digital software. The colours exploding from these images are an intense visual treat with just the right amount of modern psychedelia to be perfect for Helsinki’s biggest music festival. Also, it’s well worth taking a look at his recent work for Zeit Magazin; similarly brilliant stuff!

  9. Weekenderlist

    Still not accustomed to the new-look Weekender? Finding it hard to navigate the choppy waters of loosely art and design-related nonsense? What’s wrong with you? It’s really quite simple! You see we start with six articles you DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT MISS THIS WEEK, follow it up with a look at the week’s physical, through-the-letterbox post and then launch ourselves whole-heartedly into the novelty dregs of the beautiful internet. Think of it as the weekend supplement of your favourite newspaper except without any recipes for celeriac and kale breakfast bars or sentimental adverts for expensive watches. It’s the cat’s pyjamas! (If you still don’t get it there’s really no hope for you).

  10. Main

    Before you think this is some snide, acidic response to the reams and reams of girls doing selfies on Tumblr, it’s not. It’s the new project of nice man and illustrator Jon Burgerman. We don’t know much about his selection process, but he’s basically just taken classic Tumblr shots of girls, with Harry Styles, with a handbag, doing a mirror shot, wearing an ironic jumper etc. etc. and he’s drawn them in luminous, fun colours. Once he’s selected a girl and drawn her portrait he then puts it back on to Tumblr to create a cycle of internet content. It’s so great, isn’t it, the internet, it’s just full of good stuff like this.

  11. Somewhereelselist

    You’re probably thinking; “Does graphic design really have the ability to make me drool?” The answer is yes, yes it does. And this is currently due to Somewhere Else, a Singaporean graphic design studio and their rebranding for Foodology; a restaurant made up of nine different food stations so the idea was to create a flexible identity that can morph to fit their multi-faceted personality. Full of simple, effective graphics tied together with a traditional stamp symbol, and finished off with touch of vintage – this is tasty graphic design in its most literal form.

  12. Owb-list

    It’s competition time again kids and the good folks over at One Word Brief are offering you the chance to have your creative talents showcased in a beautiful book. Whether you’re a photographer, designer, illustrator or film-maker, One Word Brief want to see your creative responses to a single word – in this instance ‘Be’. Your ideas can be as left-field and unusual as you like as long as they’re completely original and show off the best of your abilities.

  13. Main

    I know the trend for men these days is a long-on-top-and-short-on-the-sides, but to me a mullet and a moustache truly is the sign of a real man. Look at these footballers’ sweaty brows; a toxic lather of sweat and wet-look gel accumulating on their foreheads. This archive of serious sports hunks is Old School Panini, a blog set up by Alexandre Bourouf who, after finding his old Panini football sticker album decided to start seriously collecting these gems from yore.

  14. Ohlson-list

    Sometimes in this business you stumble across images that you’re immediately drawn to and then can’t find out who was responsible for creating them. So it was with Rasmus Ohlson, whose marbled book project has sat on my desktop for months in a folder of anonymous images that I’ve been meaning to research. Then two weeks ago, miracle of miracles, I stumble across his website and months of anguish are brought to an end.

  15. List

    Take that week, it’s Friday now which means we’ve basically got you in the bag. Sure you threw some real curve balls our way, like the incessant morning rain and some of the most depressing current affairs we’ve read about in ages, but we kept our heads held high and we reckon we made the best of you. To celebrate we’ve done a podcast (that’s an exaggeration, we do one every week) and it’s packed full of the finest light-hearted art and design chat you ever did bleedin’ hear. We’re on top of our game! (mostly)

  16. Main

    If you used to spend your time scrutinising the Hello Nasty album cover in your room (this is before the time when we all had work to do) or if you just thought, or still think, that The Beastie Boys are the coolest guys ever, then you’ll like this. Good old Juxtapoz magazine have gone and located all the designers and artists responsible for the consistently amazing Beastie Boys artwork and have interviewed them about the process.

  17. Main

    There’s a trend that’s been brewing for the past year or two which is for photographers to take photos of rather mundane situations to highlight a certain beauty that resonates when the world is a teeny bit sleepy, and the strange scent of youth is floating around. I thought Cait Oppermann was perhaps one of the photographers who is partial to this, and she is, but she is so much more than that.

  18. Paul4

    We’ve featured some pretty strange photography projects in the past, and Lean With It by Paul Octavious fits snugly into this category. Paul has been on the site before with his awesome video experimenting with the colour indigo and now Paul travels far and wide to find these trees battered by wind or just born this way (poor trees). The beauty of these photographs is the subject’s ability to exactly mirror the angle of the tree’s slant even with ones as low as 45 degrees, these guys are truly experts – now go find your locally inclined tree and get your lean on!

  19. Jodelle-list

    In the early 1960s, while Russ Meyer was busy carving out his niche as the godfather of American cinematic sleaze and coining the term ‘sexploitation’, a Belgian advertising dropout was single-handedly turning a previously childish medium into a hotbed of smut and witty narrative. The Adventures of Jodelle was a comic book unlike anything the world had ever seen. Gone were the spandex-clad superheroes and simple, good vs evil, narrative structures upon which so many children had squandered their free time and in replacement the very first adult-themed graphic novel, complete with ample chests, Roman setting and an allegorical spy narrative.

  20. Main1

    This may not be to everyone’s taste, but to those of you who are into this kind of thing, Fredric Fleury is amazing! Every project he completes is so different from his last that it could easily have been done by someone else entirely. His new project Half Man is an exploration into the insides of smoking, drinking cartoon heads. Is that a gold tooth? Yes. Is he clutching his own breast? Yes. Is that a dog poo on his nose? Yes. Still reading? If so, you’re definitely into this kind of weird shit like I am and you should go and check out the rest of his work, now!

  21. Main

    Mmmm, crisp, beautiful photos of crisp, beautiful people wearing crisp, beautiful clothes. That’s the sort of thing I want to look at on a Thursday afternoon. These striking shots have been taken by photographer Rory van Millingen who spends his days hanging out and shooting the fashion-wise and the genetically-lucky to pay his bills. His choice of models and confident strides between monochrome and full fat colour are glorious, and have put him up there on our list of London photographers to watch. Have you seen his client list? Holy moly!

  22. Nt-list

    One Nicer Tuesdays down, many more to go, and for the second edition of our new Tuesday night event (it really is the new Wednesday you know) we’ve lined up another sweet list of speakers to entertain and illuminate you with their professional insights – you can get your hands on tickets right now!

  23. List

    Hey Will Robson-Scott, how do you feel about a new nickname? Soon everyone is going to be joining in with me calling you The Pizza Man, because my goodness do you always deliver. We needed no proof of Will’s talents as a filmmaker, having previously featured his brilliant pieces on a quirky New York street photographer and a skateboarding enthusiast with Asperger’s Syndrome. But for my money his latest film Jela is Will’s best yet. It’s a portrait of a man shaped by the culture of London’s East End in the 1980s and 1990s, a former drug addict, a football fanatic and an amazingly compelling screen presence. It’s a mark of Will’s creative confidence that he cedes centre stage to his subject and feeds off the fizzing energy of Jela rather than needlessly overcomplicating things for the sake of his own vision. Simply brilliant.

  24. Here_list3

    For over 30 years Wayne Hemingway has been an influential designer with his wife and business partner Gerardine Hemingway. They set up fashion label Red or Dead in the early 1980s, (which ran for 21 consecutive seasons on the catwalk at London Fashion Week), and the couple went on to found Hemingway Design, a multi-disciplinary design agency working across the arts.

  25. List

    A corollary of the triumphant return of Daft Punk – which has dominated the cultural scene for what seems like weeks now – is a lavishing of attention on the humble helmet. And as if to prove that it’s not just their music-making compatriots who understand the power and the glory of this kind of headwear, Paris-based Ill Studio have collaborated with high-end motorbike helmet makers Ruby to create this super limited edition series. Ill created a bespoke pattern for the range called Venecia, “echoing the works of redesign and ornamentation by post modernist artists from the beginning of the 1980s such as Alessandro Mendini or Robert Venturi.” Stylish, restrained and undeniably hyper-cool, let’s have three huzzahs for helmets and all who wear them!

  26. Bang-list

    You loved him in Ready, Steady, Bang, (actually you laughed as he was repeatedly and brutally murdered, but hey ho, live and let live) and now Cowboy is back for a bigger and better adventure with his dear hobby horse clasped firmly between his legs. This teaser trailer from Animade is only a precursor to the full-length animation but has all their trademark character development and style crammed into just a few seconds of footage. From his childlike galloping to the way he furtively pats his equine friend, Cowboy is probably one of the most loveable geometric characters we’ve ever come across and we can’t wait for his next adventure.

  27. Listimage

    Seeing that most people go gallivanting around the world these days – and will definitely have a camera on them – travel photography has been exhausted by the Taj Mahal or the typical ‘holding up the Tower of Pisa’ pose (thank you Martin Parr). It’s rare that you come across photographs that really capture a place in an unseen light, but it is here that Taylor Curry and his photographs of Hong Kong really excel. Instead of photographing the usual landmarks, Taylor seeks out the unconventional areas around the city and captures a place where the people and culture are far more interesting than the architectural monuments themselves.

  28. Main

    I’ve never really seen that many photos of Qatar before, and if I have, they were nowhere near as beautiful as these shots by Lee Mawdsley. Lee was summoned by the Commercial Bank of Qatar to help document the beauty and mysterious, pure architectural style that it boasts. Among birds-eye shots of the city, that seems to be developing at an incredibly fast rate, are sunny, clean photographs of robed men and women wandering through marble corridors and walkways.

  29. Main

    Have you ever hosted a raucous dinner party where the room is left demolished after a chaotic night of eating and drinking? Take that situation, swap the guests for wild vultures and your dining room for a national park and this video captures that scene pretty perfectly. In perhaps one of the best videos we’ve all seen for a long time, artist Greta Alfaro has placed what looks like a Thanksgiving dinner complete with cutlery, plates, tablecloth – you name it – in the middle of a safari park and set up a camera to record the action. The suspense is pretty intense, you know what’s coming, but when it does, it is surprisingly savage.

  30. Christianiroux-list

    When not referring to themselves as VLF and designing a myriad different things together, Thomas Cristiani and Antoine Roux go by the names their parents gave them and maintain an exciting, highly-aestheticised fine art practice that seems to be heavily grounded in pop cultural references and unique personal mythologies. As big fans of their design we’re happy to say they can count us as fans of their gallery shows too, particularly the recent Education and Work exhibition at Artisan Social Designer in Paris. Talented chaps indeed!

  31. Main

    It’s common knowledge that the female of the species have bedrooms that lean more towards the landfill site aesthetic. It’s no biggie, it’s just the consequences of liking loads of stuff and subsequently obtaining it to keep. Anyway, photographer Maya Fuhr was commissioned by Vice to photograph messy ladies with very messy rooms for a series entitled Garbage Girls. What’s nice about these shots is not just the sheer amount of crap littered around their bedrooms, but the deadpan “give a shit” looks from the girls themselves. Chastise us all you want, but cleaning is boring and girls rule! Check out more of Maya’s really, really great photography on her site.

  32. List

    I find this completely bewitching and I’m not sure I can fully explain why. Stephen LaPorte and Mahmoud Hashemi have created this real-time map showing which Wikipedia entries are being edited and roughly where the user is located. In reality the notifications only account for about 15 per cent of the changes to the site as it only traces IP addresses of unregistered users, but it’s still oddly fascinating to sit and watch these random flashes, from this huge diverse mass of information, pop up around the globe. Settle down and watch it all unfold here.

  33. Listimagehindland

    Photographers Tim Bowditch and Nick Rochowski have recently completed an unusual project, taking it upon themselves to visit every single underpass on the M25 and document them at night – some feature streams running underneath, others are footpaths or tunnels just big enough to let tractors through. By using a camera that specialises in taking photographs in total darkness, the black and white images pick up tiny details of these desolate environments and transform them into “lunar-like” landscapes. Tim and Nick also noticed the noise created above them on the motorway itself and decided to record the sounds they heard as an accompaniment to the work, adding to the uncanny atmosphere of a place whose aesthetics you usually wouldn’t look at twice.

  34. Listimagecard

    Everyone has a pack of tacky playing cards tucked away somewhere, and I know the first thing that popped into your head when you thought of your own personal deck was naked ladies (no judgement made, we own a couple of nude packs too). However illustrator Jonathan Burton has decided to swap boobies for a more tasteful approach, creating an illustrated pack of cards that look back to the golden age of board games when everyone was rosy-cheeked and wholesome. Commissioned by the Folio Society, these playing cards are wonderfully nostalgic with no short supply of amusing characters decorating their faces – in particular a scuba diver who cannot swim posing as a king and a gentleman drinking tea whilst riding a hyena. Utterly brilliant work that will forever have you thinking that clubs look just like elephants.

  35. Brandnew-list

    This year, third year students at Sweden’s Beckmans College of Design were offered the enviable opportunity of working with some of their country’s most prestigious fashion houses to collaborate on a project that saw them sharing seasonal inspirations and creating new designs based on the different ethos’ of the brands. In the spirit of Acne, one of the companies involved, they produced a tasty bit of print to accompany the collection that showcases the clothing as well as giving the fashion students a chance to collaborate with their graphic design contemporaries. Nobody let me work with any prestigious fashion houses when I was studying, but I’m sure even if they had the results wouldn’t have looked this good. But then I can’t sew.

  36. Opinion-list

    This week Richard van der Laken, director of What Design Can Do?, which takes place in Amsterdam on Thursday and Friday, issues a call to arms for The Era of The Designer to begin…

  37. List

    There’s few things I enjoy more than needlessly convoluted creative solutions for “problems” barely worthy of the term. But if you were hellbent on separating the cookie sections from the filling of Oreo biscuits then Dentaku, aka Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague, have just the thing. The Oreo Wheel developed in conjunction with Wieden + Kennedy Portland “frees the biscuit from the creme” by way of a small ferris wheel and two scalpels. It’s super-fun nonsense of the highest order but this video does prove the value of perseverance in any design process.

  38. Main

    I’ve never experienced such joy as when I began exploring the website of Al Que Quiere, an extraordinary collection of furniture you’ve only ever seen in your dreams and in that bit in the 1985 film Return to Oz. We’ve already gushed about them on our site so now we’re going to gush about their blog, which is a cohesive collection of every image that has inspired the pieces they create. The best bit? You can actually see the items that have directly inspired their work. Love that.

  39. Graduates20132

    So here we are at the end of May, the start of British summertime (ahem) and the end of thousands of British students’ arts degrees. And what better way than to celebrate this coming out into society than with a look at some of the top talent in the country today? So all you students hanging out in the provinces, creating quietly in the towns, and even you rowdy lot in the cities, we want to see your work!

  40. Rauch-list

    German painter Neo Rauch exists in a world of idealised perfection and new world hope. In the vein of the Social Realists or Second World War propaganda posters the figures he paints are totemic figures of sinewy perfection wielding industrial tools, striving collectively for a better future. But there are more sinister elements at play too. The other side of Rauch’s world includes depravity of Hogarthian proportions; ungainly characters swaying uncomfortably and indulging in base desires – all from ambiguous historical origins.