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    Their home is Comme Des Garcons’ London superstore, Dover Street Market, and their trade is buying and selling some of the rarest, most desirable cult books in history. Who are they? IDEA Books. IDEA are Angela, David and Sandra, who spend their lives trawling the world (online and real) for rare, sometimes dog-eared publications that hoarders like me totally drool over; be it books on French style full of photos of a young Jane Birkin, old American high school films, rare catalogues from the screenings of films such as The Virgin Suicides or Over The Edge (two of my personal favourites) or even just image-heavy magazines and tomes that suggest a more bohemian way to live your life. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been presented with an online shop that has made me feel nervous with competition at the prospect of someone else owning the products rather than me.

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    Back to school, back to work – it’s not surprising everyone’s got anxious, upside down smiles at this time of the year. Most fresh starts are usually followed by fresh resolutions – and we’re no stranger to looking ahead and trying to predict what’s going to happen in our own lives, as well as that of the creative world. With that in mind, we’ve put our slightly mushy heads together and concocted a list of ten animators, designers, illustrators, magazines and artists who are about to spring from the perfectly acceptable “small time” to the much-lauded “big time.” Ready? Here they are in no particular order…

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    Remember Caroline Larsen, the artist responsible for weaving huge flaming car crashes and expanses of smoking tarmac not out of needle and thread but with oil paints on canvas? She’s back with a new project, and this time she’s set her unique method to recreating the fronts of California houses, complete with luscious greenery, grey sidewalks and succulents. Lots of succulents. Imagine if you took Joan Didion’s California essays and David Hockney’s swimming pools and combined them with the help of a truckload of plasticine, and that comes somewhat close to channelling the mood that permeates Caroline’s novel works. They’re weird and fun, and they score ten out of ten for technique.

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    Serban Savu’s work interprets the impact of historic Imperialism, recent Communism and uncertain futures in succinct and playful snapshots of his everyday. Set in dusk-struck landscapes, his paintings narrate austere interactions in concrete dominated nature. Nice and jolly.

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    If you share a studio with a friend or a co-worker and happen to be reading this on your lunch break, please take a moment to flash them an affectionate glance. Why, you ask? Because if anything can help you to view your relationship differently, it’s photographer Geray Mena with this sweet series Atelier.

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    Turning food photography into images of a sexual nature is hardly the most original thing in the world, but turning it into a festish certainly is. Does anyone else get shivers when they see those ragged hang-nails next to that juicy, plump raspberry in the photo below? I do. Bobby’s got a knack of taking fridge matter, and actually anything in the category of ubiquitous and turning it into a cosmic, textured reminder of how odd the world is. Take the pile of cheeses above, for example, when has brie ever made you want to get naked and roll around in it until now? Exactly. Check out the rest of Bobby’s huge portfolio of work and editorial commissions for the New York Magazine and Strategist over on his site.

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    I’m no fortune teller, but I know a cult magazine when I see one, and this one’s got a foretold Destiny with a capital D. Accent magazine’s confident fourth issue is another slap-in-the-face reminder that they’re here, they’re fierce and they’re not going anywhere. In no other online photography publication do you find the same brutal level of dedication to finding a story and telling it with a punch.

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    I must say, I’ve never thought of architectural photography as the most humorous of pastimes, but Cameron Wittig’s Duluth Typologies project has done a lot to change my mind! Documenting homes built on steep hills in Duluth, Minnesota, Cameron tilted his camera to square the pavement off with the bottom of the picture frame, creating the baffling illusion that these typical Midwestern houses are sinking sideways into the ground.

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    Come, run after us through the pearly gates into the perfumed garden of the Weekender. Here you shall find edible daffodils, singing badgers and chocolate bark concealing golden syrup-like sap. Lie with us on the dewy, emerald lawn and tell us your secrets while we scatter sequins all over your face. A unicorn walks by, the sky turns purple…WAKE UP! You must have fallen asleep in this skip you dirty drunkard. Go and clean yourself up and sort your life out.

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    This Friday’s mixtape comes from Mark Jasper of Sound Savers fame. Sound Savers is an analogue and digital recording studio and rehearsal space in Hackney, London. Together, three friends help bands record the albums that will one day (hopefully) make budding musicians rich and famous. Mark also does a fortnightly radio show on NTS and plays in the lo-fi guitar band Witching Waves. I’ve actually just had a listen to them, they’re really good.

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    No, it’s not some kind of semi-executed optical illusion – these are actually empty television studio sets from some of Milan’s most famous TV providers, brought to you in spectacular style by Simone Cavadini.

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    Berlin-based artist Maiko Gubler can usually be found creating deceptively three-dimensional imagery utilising a mixture of 3D modelling software. She’s created glossy ceramic-like fruits for magazine covers, metallic fish for German club albums but now she’s actually making objects that exist in the real world. Her collection of Gradient Bangles are created from 3D-printed gypsum and uniquely coloured to create an extraordinary range of jewellery. Lovely stuff.

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    Right then pod-pickers, we’re back with an episode that ranges from the peaks of the Martin Creed show to the valleys of David Hasselhoff. And therein – your reporter would humbly suggest – lies the unique charm of the It’s Nice That podcast. There aren’t too many art and design publishers who bring that kind of dizzyingly weird breadth. As ever you can listen using the SoundCloud link below, or why not treat yourself and subscribe on iTunes for weekly audio goodness delivered direct to your portable MP3 player.

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    When your gym looks like Warhol’s Factory without all the drugs and weird shit everywhere, you’ll probably enjoy exercise a little bit more than when you begrudgingly drag your potato physique that place in Croydon. And as much as it would be terrifying to actually be filmed whilst exercising by a cool guy like Tyrone Lebon, if your bod’s as hot as these guys is, there wouldn’t be that much to worry about.

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    There was a time when my appreciation of computer trickery extended no further than making my old PC say my mum’s name when she entered the room (take that Jane!). But that was then, and now we are all far more savvy to the fact that there are creatives out there able to do jaw-dropping things armed with a keyboard and a screen. Chris Labrooy is certainly one such talent, as proved yet again by his new series Auto Aerobics. The weird contortions of cars he’s seamlessly stitched together on what appears to be a New York playground not only reflect Chris’ insane abilities with 3D generation, but are also lovely images in their own right.

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    One of the great things about having niche interests in Japanese comics that nobody else in the office cares about is that sometimes I stumble across a piece of historic gold. This time round I came across an archive of behind-the-scenes stills from various Godzilla films, shot between the mid-1950s and early 1960s, while on the hunt for some god-awful Manga. And because it’s Friday, how could I not share these gems with you. Look at that shirtless man tramping around a tiny Tokyo with his lizard legs! Thank me later.

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    This week creative director Craig Oldham looks at getting your foot in the door of the creative industries and makes the case for the D&AD New Blood scheme as the perfect place to start. As ever you can add your thoughts using the discussion thread below…

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    I always thought that photographers would be honoured to photograph the rich and famous, but in this case I feel it would perhaps be the other way round. It’s actually incredibly difficult to sum up in just a small paragraph how mesmerisingly brilliant this editorial photography is. New York-based Pari Dukovic casts his lens upon the well-known faces of our world and, using 35mm trickery, transforms them into the immortal stars of the universe.

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    Pol Solsona is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and photographer who was born in Barcelona but who now works in Helsinki, Finland. His eclectic work varies from art direction, identities and print and web design to illustration and photography, and anything else he finds himself doing in between. We chatted to Pol to find out why he loves working in his neighbourhood in Helsinki, what he does for fun and why he appreciates the accidents that can come with working in a creative industry. Read on!

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    I’m going to let you in on a bit of a secret; most artist books are incredibly tedious. For one reason or another artists and designers can’t seem to get their act together to collaborate on printed works that are formally beautiful and rigorously conceptually communicative. Either the artist is too precious, the designer too zealous or the whole thing gets lost in a web of conceptual nonsense that renders the reading experience hopeless. And so good ones don’t come along very often.

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    Rodan Kane Hart is a South African artist and graduate of the Michaelis School of Art in Cape Town. Having only received his bachelors degree in 2011 he’s got a pretty impressive body of sculptures to his name already that broadly deal with the colonial origins of modern South Africa. Though I’d struggle to say that I appreciate the fine details of the concepts behind his practise, I’m incredibly impressed by his use of materials; the balance of industrial and natural substances and the interplay he creates between geometric forms and landscape. Definitely one to watch.

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    Acid magazine describes itself as “a surf-inspired publication for the beauty of ideas and images,” a write-off which would have many readers assuming that there are only so many photographs of gnarly dudes on surfboards that you could see before you got bored and pushed it to one side. They’d be wrong, though.

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    When you’re tired on a grey, raining morning such as this one it’s hard to find something that really cheers you up. Sometimes I feel that even if someone gave me a flower on a cold winter morning I’d probably boff them in the face. Hopefully this unbelievable portfolio of colour and informed design from Pentagram’s very own Jessica Svendsen will kick the life back into you as it did me. We came across Jessica’s work on aesthetically-pleasing scroll-fest But Does it Float and were instantly drawn in like horny little bees to a pretty flower when we saw her Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library and Haas Arts Library identity. It’s raining really good graphic design! Come on, Let’s get WET.

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    We’re not really sure why any opportunity to get into the guts of the printing process is so intoxicating, but this tremendous short film provides yet more proof for the prosecution. It features Perrott Bespoke Printing in north London, a die-stamping specialists where father Steve is currently handing over the reins to daughter Catherine, who will be the fourth generation of the same family to operate its presses. We caught up with Evan Gildersleeve – who created the film’s score – to find out a little more about it…

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    “Martin Nicolausson is perhaps the only Swedish illustrator and graphic designer with the name Martin Nicolausson” begins his illustrator bio. “This is important as originality is one of his most admired principles.” Fortunately for Martin then originality is one aspect of his illustration which he has absolutely nailed, churning out work as he does. We’re huge fans, both for his assured combination of digital and nostalgia-influenced imagery and for his faultlessly bold colour palette.

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    I don’t know how you begin to name a typeface, but I do know when a name tickles me pink, so step forward and take a bow Poynings Stencil. It’s been created by the ever-excellent Colophon Foundry for Build’s super brand refresh for the Generation Press printers, used across some stylish-stripped-back stationery which still manages to maintain a sense of personality (often the first casualty in minimalist design). There’s a new website on its way as well, which if the holding page is anything to go by promises to be pretty special too. Clearly Colophon plus Build continues to equal graphic design of the highest quality.

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    Elena Stonaker is part fine artist, part fashion designer with the sensibilities of a quilter thrown in for good measure. She makes dolls, paints pictures, and fashions bizarre wearable sculptures from amalgamations of fabric, jewels and imagery that sit somewhere between tapestry and garments. In short, she is one of a kind.

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    Really very impressive work here from Karolis Strautniekas who, after spending a few years as an art director, decided to turn happily back to illustration where he truly belongs. Karolis has the magic ability to come up with a very good idea and very quickly turn it into an immediate drawing that speaks volumes. His Portraits from Behind series, for instance, could easily have been restricted to just his camera phone, but instead he has brought it to life in detailed, layered illustrations. His editorial work is clever, easy on the eye and not without a sense of humour. I swear my alarm clock says that (above) every morning, or at least my brain does.

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    Ever find yourself scrolling through It’s Nice That wishing that you too were a talented designer? Well, welcome to my world. Don’t worry though, Shillington College are here to help with their graphic design courses that’ll leave you confident enough to swan into interviews with a printed and digital portfolio package. From absolute beginners to those who are perhaps just a little rusty, the trained and talented tutors at Shillington look to take your potential and turn you into a fully-fledged designer in just three short months. This is your time to start getting creative and eventually make the big bucks. Apply now over on their site!

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    Last night we returned to Mother London for the first Nicer Tuesdays of 2014. Not only were we delighted to welcome four very different speakers who work in and around the music industry, we were also proud to unveil Park Communications – who print both our Annual and our magazine – as the event’s new sponsors.

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    Jen Dessinger is another photographer who seems to have slipped right through our fingers until now. She describes herself as a travel and portrait photographer, though her portfolio suggests that the breadth of her work spreads far further than those two designated fields, counting as she does AnOther Magazine, Australian Vogue and Dazed & Confused among the clients on her eclectic list.

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    At the moment there’s a trial going on in the UK that seemingly reflects the British press’ darkest hour. Various figures are accused of alleged mass hacking of phones and it has led to a lot of soul-searching about how low our once proud media has fallen.

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    Someone farted all the way through the speech given by the Hayward’s curator about the opening of Martin Creed’s What’s the Point of It? to a crowd of journalists. It took a while for everyone to realise that these fart noises were coming from behind us, and it was actually an audio element in Creed’s show.

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    In about 12 hours Laurel Golio is off to shoot a story for the next issue of Printed Pages, and as we were emailing I realised she’d never been featured on the site before. Time to acquaint you.

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    To be totally honest, I didn’t expect to enjoy this film when I started watching it. There’s a long and inglorious tradition of “celebrities” being shoehorned into seemingly random contexts to the point it all starts to resemble an Alan Partridge programme pitch (“Youth Hostelling With Chris Eubank”). But as it turned out I was engrossed for the full four minutes of The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan showing us around Tate Modern’s Paul Klee exhibition. Firstly because Faris studied illustration at Central Saint Martins in the early 2000s and speaks with passion and intelligence about Klee’s work. And secondly the film links to his own artistic endeavours, so we aren’t just told that Klee influenced his pictures but are actually shown how.

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    You should never judge a book by its cover, and equally you should never judge a man by his bookshelf. WRONG! You can totally do both, I do it all the time. In the case of wonderful illustrator Bjorn Rune Lie, one look at his creaking bookshelf held in pride of place over his computer, tells you all you need to know. A closer peek into the actual contents of these shelves reveals oodles about the artist’s value of research, his love for fine draughtsmanship and his passion for the designs in nature. Take it away Bjorn…

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    Ding ding ding! It’s procrastination time! Join me in a spot of time travel back to when you first played on a computer, when the internet didn’t exist and all you had to entertain your unpolluted mind was MacPaint! (Or Microsoft Paint, whatever). This “painting tool” program has been coded by Martin Braun as a homage to the original MacPaint creators Bill Atkinson and Susan Kare, and is incredibly enjoyable. Sit back and have the pleasure of getting reacquainted with some of your long lost paint tools such as the simple shape tools and bucket fill. Am I getting old or is PhotoShop just getting too complicated these days? Gimme Cloud Paint any day.

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    Illustrator duo Cachetejack, also known as Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul, have charm in oodles. Their super-colourful illustration is chockfull of energy, and has graced mediums from books, magazines and newspapers to clothing and walls. I was especially won over by Just Living, the personal postcard project which sees them transform scenes of everyday domestic mundanity into a captivating sequence of potted plants, wine bottles and canoodling friends. Lovely work!

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    One of the UK’s most important competitions for young designers is now open for applications – and entrants are being challenged to shake things up for 2014.

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    There are few things that get us as excited in the studio as a brilliant comic book by somebody we’ve never heard of, and this week the superb debut offering from illustrator, graphic designer and typographer Jeremy Perrodeau ticked that box very neatly. Isles is a quietly brilliant publication, centred around the journey of three protagonists on a desert island, each taking their own route and overcoming obstacles and dangers on the way. Rendered only in black and white and described by the publisher as “an invitation to discover the obsession this geometric artist has with the universe” the narrative is intense, poignant and beautifully composed.