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    Bit late on the uptake on this one, but oh well, there’s always enough time in the day for legendary Cuban propaganda posters, right? The OSPAAAL Posters Show at London’s Kemistry gallery has unfortunately just closed its doors to the public. If you didn’t make it, have no fear! Michael Tyler’s collection of Cuban posters are here on the World Wide Web for you to browse as much as you wish.

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    I turn 30 in a few months’ time but in a spirit of denial, my plans to mark this milestone are unambitious. But to mark the game-changing MacIntosh turning 30, Apple have really pushed the boat out. On both an interesting video and an excellent dedicated website, they have lined up some of the creatives whose work has been defined by their relationship with Apple’s famous computer; both famous names like Moby, Es Devlin and Iris van Herpen to lesser-known but no less impressive case studies for whom the Mac has played an indelible part in their life and work.

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    Since we featured his collaborative graduate film Eclipse in 2012, ex-Goebelins student Theo Guignard has busied himself working for French animated film giants Xilam. He now spends his days designing backgrounds for Je Suis Bien Content, experts in animation for television. Thankfully, for those of us that love his personal work, he’s still creating imagery for himself – hunched over a desk late at night we’d imagine. His inky sketches have a retro-futuristic feel to them, featuring strange characters composed from loose geometric shapes and rendered in ink-washes that lend them an antiquated feel. They might not move around on cue, but they’re pretty spectacular to look at all the same.

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    Sometimes when we do something new, like put a magazine or a T-shirt in the shop we get a bit overexcited and waffle on about how good that new thing is. But this time we’re doing things differently. We’ve just released a brand-spanking new T-shirt designed by illustrator Tim Lahan and you can get your hands on it here, here and here. The pictures down below do all the talking we need them to (observe how awesome we look hiding by the cheese plant) so all that remains to be said is what a great guy Tim is for taking the time to do some drawing for us, and that we hope you enjoy these tees as much as we do. Now go get one over here!

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    This week’s My Favourite Music Video comes from hilarious, filmmaking duo Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey. Since their 2011 stonker Shit Girls Say quenched the comedy thirst of almost everyone in the world they’ve both been busy producing artwork in all kinds of forms. Did you catch the Pure Breeds series on Nowness? Okay go and have a look at that. Then come back here and read two truly beautiful paragraphs from the guys themselves on the music videos that inspired them to be the hilarious, creative men they are today. Woo!

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    Back in the 90s a whole bunch of young people decided it was way more fun to live in old double-decker buses and party non-stop rather than getting an office job and starting a family. Tom Hunter, Professor in Photography Research at the London College of Communication, was one of those travellers and has decided to host an exhibition of photos taken during that time.

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    This is now the fifth time we’ve featured Swedish studio Bedow’s work on the site. First it was for thermosensitive beer labels that changed design according to their temperature, then for some incredibly tasteful cosmetics packaging. Next there was the book about hand-carved spoons and then finally this record label identity.

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    2014 is a big year for Cape Town. Not only does it follow Helsinki as World Design Capital, but its flagship festival of creativity Design Indaba celebrates its 20th anniversary. And so we are delighted to announce that It’s Nice That has joined forces as a media partner for this year’s conference, generally regarded as one of the most inspirational around.

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    It was way back in 2012 that we featured Paul X Johnson on the site when he bowled us over with his stylised visual sensibilities. Fast forward 18 months and it’s good to see the London-based illustrator has lost none of the panache that so excited us first time round. What seems significant is the amount of repeat clients who come back to Paul again and again for his image-making; the likes of Little White Lies, SHOP magazine, and The Courtneeners among others. While his portraits of the likes of Ryan Gosling and Kristen Stewart are tight enough, it’s his imagined scenes that really slay me; a strange and unsettling world where things may not be what they seem.

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    Everybody knows that the best birthday presents are the ones you make yourself. Especially if you, like Joe Stone, happen to be a super-talented graphic designer and illustrator with an infallible knowledge of Tarantino’s classic Pulp Fiction, a passionate love for Guess Who? and a really, really good friend.

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    Before there were cycling cafes, before fixed gear bikes became the trademark of hipsters, before the word hipster even existed (just imagine it!) being a cycle courier was just another way of making a living, and not some kind of misguided fashion statement. Don’t believe me? Check out these photos of cycle couriers in Toronto that were taken over 20 years ago. Look at them all, relaxing for lunches in summery parks and hammering it across town in the bitter snow. Looks like fun right? And it makes us nostalgic for something we’ve never, ever experienced. Thank you Trevor Hughes for sharing these gems.

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    What do you get if you combine the Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of O’ahu, some pro-surfers and a quadrocopter with GoPros attached? (This isn’t a joke by the way, the answer isn’t even funny). You get the most mind-bending surf film you’ve ever laid eyes on. This four-minute snapshot of (tubular) genius is the work of Eric Sterman, a young Hawaiian surf film-maker, and is a compilation of the best wave rides of the 2013 season. Not much else to say here apart from just continuing to babble on about how great this is, so just sit back and enjoy!

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    Sometimes I feel that if The Weekender was a song it would be Avalon by Roxy Music. Imagine Bryan Ferry circa 1974, lounging by a turquoise pool in an ivory suit. A woman in a tasselled negligee walks through the patio doors and tumblers full of ice clink as she draws nearer. Upstairs his suits nestle closer against one another in the large wardrobe. A snake intertwines itself in the legs of his sun lounger. The sun sets. The needle drops and Avalon begins to play…

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    A very special mixtape for you this week from young whippersnapping band, Big Ups. The band, formed in 2010, is made up of Brendan Finn, Joe Galarraga, Amar Lal, and Carlos Salguero Jr. They’ve been signed to Tough Love records and their “blend punk, post-punk, metal, and indie rock” songs channel worldly topics such as science and mood swings. This mixtape is one of the best we’ve had so far, and is the perfect accompaniment to your grizzly Friday afternoon. Especially if you like Weezer or spent your youth playing guitar in your garage with (or without) your friends.

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    Remember how fantastic camcorders were in the 90s? Mayer Hawthorne was evidently a fan; the video for his song Crime is a super stripped-back remembrance of that golden era. It all seems like an uninterrupted nostalgia fest, actually, until the singing starts, when line by line the lyrics pop up in the analogue text in the borders like the coolest karaoke video ever made. And in case that isn’t enough, the video footage used is taken from the cameras used on the dashboards of police cars, so they’re filming actual criminals, too. Simple, but very effective. Now who wants to talk about Tamagotchis?

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    There are many types of people I’m glad exist in this world. Those who have the dedication and strong stomachs to be doctors. Those selfless enough to look after the elderly. And those willing to scour computer games for paintings that exist in the likes of Super Mario and Final Fantasy and collate them together on a blog like the Video Game Art Archive.

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    Most weeks there’s a moment while we’re recording the podcast when someone says something we assume will be edited out in the final reckoning. More often than not though, listening back it feels like it would be criminal to cut out these bits, and so once again we present 24 minutes of art and design discussion, warts and all. You can listen using the SoundCloud embed below or subscribe via iTunes here.

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    It’s that time of year again; late nights in the studio amid feverish attempts to win one of the most prestigious young creatives’ awards around. That’s right D&AD’s New Blood Awards are back for 2014 with 16 exciting and engaging briefs for entrants to get their teeth stuck into.

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    Just when you think you’ve seen artists and filmmakers do everything that could possibly be done on the theme of time, another brain-box swans in and turns everything on its head to make the subject completely new again. Enter Adam Magyar, the artist/filmmaker who will make you look at crowded commuter train platforms in an entirely new way.

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    Different questions apply to different kinds of creative work. With some it’s “how?” for others it’s “what?” but for Dutch photographer Maurice van Es it’s very definitely “why?”

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    You just don’t get much better than this, right? A Berlin couple who create some of the most joy-infused, well thought-out illustrations you’ve ever seen. Imagine actually living in the world of Golden Cosmos; plants, sunshine, orange juice, good books, new socks, tiled floors…Oh my.

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    Querida is Spanish for “beloved”, and it’s with the same adoration that this Spanish studio named themselves, as they treat their creative projects.“We love typography, illustration, colours, photography and we enjoy new technologies as much as we worship detail and craft.” Their love for what they do makes itself apparent in their work; from art direction and design for Perdiz magazine to an identity and corresponding stationery for Idep , Barcelona’s design school.

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    It’s one of the big challenges of the internet age; how does a business or organisation which is inherently defined by real-world products do digital? Well, this is how. Just under a year ago we hailed Made Thought’s GF Smith Colorplan swatch book, a drool-inducing piece of print perfection. At the time there was an impressive website to enjoy as well, but recently the studio has updated the online offering and it’s a thing of beauty and joy (which is NEVER something I thought I’d say about a paper company’s website…).

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    Things in LA are shinier and better looking than pretty much the rest of the world, and a shiny place full of really, really good looking famous people calls for a photographer who’s going to immortalise them properly. Luckily Emily Shur is really good at capturing the stars of LA with a sheen that is at once humorous and also incredibly flattering. Her portraits tend to be hi-octane shots that have obviously taken a while to set up, and then edit, to show the subject almost as they would be expected to appear on the silver screen. The more commercial shots (Will Ferrell in a fur coat) are juxtaposed nicely with candid gems such as the portrait of Neko Case with a horse or Adrien Brody grinning cheekily through some railings.

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    Tal R is an artist usually recognisable for his vibrant use of colour. He’s built his reputation on packing every degree of the spectrum into a single canvas. So long-term fans might be surprised to discover that his latest book, The Moon , is much more chromatically restrained than usual, printed in muted blues and reds. Don’t worry though, inside you’ll find that Tal’s sense of mischief is still very much intact, the characters within engaging in all sorts of lewd acts and deviant behaviour. They’re all smiling too, so what’s not to enjoy?

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    Did you know that over 1.3 billion people in the world live without any access to electricity? It’s astonishing facts such as these that have spurred Panasonic to launch a project to start bringing light to dark places by donating solar lanterns to replace dangerous kerosene lamps. Now Panasonic is launching Cut Out The Darkness, a competition that asks the public to donate their own designs for solar lantern shades. Artists involved in the project so far include skilled paper-cutters Anna Howarth, Bovey Lee, Sarah Dennis and Julene Harrison among others.

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    Sometimes there’s a perfect confluence of creative person and project; a delicious coming-together of right moment and right time for all concerned. Such was the case when Dave Sedgwick of Manchester’s curated outdoor art space Print & Paste was chatting to Liam Hopkins of the Lost Heritage agency.

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    I’ll give you a minute to compose yourself and scroll around this webpage like it’s the best day of your life. Once you’re done losing your shit about how cool this is (it’s SAND) we can then tell you that this is the work of scientist Dr Gary Greenberg whose work has led him to being a world expert on all things tiny and beautiful.

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    I always imagine that designing album artwork for a cool band must be one of the best jobs as a graphic designer; you get to revel in the mild synaesthesia that everybody secretly harbours by trying to recreate an aural experience in visual form, and try to silently convince passers by to pick up a record in the process.

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    To announce the results of the 2014 Wallpaper* Design Awards, Christian Borstlap and his team at Part Of A Bigger Plan have produced this beautifully simple film that takes us through the roster of judges and winners one by one. But why should you watch this video when you could just read the names from a list? Well, the guys at Part Of A Bigger Plan are particularly adept at crafting terrifically slick animations and this one is no exception to that rule, showing off the winning fashion, architectural and interior collections with geometric precision and style. Enjoy!

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    This week editor James Cartwright laments the loss of ham-fisted cinema and urges us to let Kickstarter revive it. As always, you comments are encouraged below.

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    Pictures of comedians tend to fall into two broad camps; the look-how-zany-I-am type or the sad-clown-away-from-the-spotlight. Both have their place but can be frustratingly broadbrush. That’s one of the reasons why Rachel King’s new series is so fascinating; because it breaks the mould. Rachel approached various leading funny men and women and asked them what satire meant to them, and artists India Banks and Frode Gjerlow then created sets and props which represented their answers.

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    People go on about “flourishes” but it’s not until you’ve seen stars applied in between lines of perfectly chosen typography that you really understand what it means, but these guys have go them coming out of their ears. Few graphic design portfolios have given me as much palpable joy as this one from Studio Laucke Siebein. As well as designing frieze d/e, Dirk and Johanna have made charming posters, identities, books and small publications for the likes of Kunsthal Rotterdam and the Groninger museum. I wonder why museums keep on coming to them to design the identities for their shows? Ah yes, it’s because everything these two lay their hands on becomes fun, accessible and desirable.

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    Every now and again the internet throws a gem into your path, and for me it happened this week with not one but two creatives; illustrator Joost Stokhof, who goes by the name “The Things We Are”, and designer Nick Liefhebber, in the form of this riso-printed zine. Entitled Chaos or rather χάος, the project combines the compositions and patterns of Greek vase paintings with the restricted colours of risograph printing, to create a collection of 13 images based on the pandemonium from which the gods first arose in Greek mythology.

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    By this time of January, most people have started to add caveats to their well-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions. I won’t drink on weekdays. When there’s a full moon. Unless I hear a dog bark. But if your plans for 2014 extend to something slightly more ambitious then digital education start-up Steer have just the thing for you.

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    Ok everyone calendars out, because have we got a date for you to save. Friday 13 June to be specific, when our Here conference returns to the magnificent Royal Geographical Society in London. Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday February 4 which is also when we’ll be revealing some of the amazing creative talents we have confirmed to speak at our flagship event. You can follow Here on Twitter and find us on Facebook. You can (and should!) also sign up to our dedicated Here newsletter to get all the updates delivered direct to your inbox; you can sign up at the Here website.

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    At times we are all guilty of being in thrall to bright colours. That’s no criticism; our brains seem to be hardwired to find them uplifting, and on first glance it was precisely this that drew me to Erin O’Keefe’s latest work. But I was excited to discover the heavyweight conceptual ideas that underpin these gorgeous visuals; eye-candy schm-eye candy!

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    How refreshing to be picked up from a brightly-lit office and transported to the dark streets of Hollywood at midnight. Not the Hollywood you may expect in films, with the burning lights of parties, movie stars on every corner and Julia Roberts whizzing past in the Lotus Esprit from Pretty Woman. This is a different Hollywood, the one you’d find if you booked your flight tomorrow and went for a nighttime stroll upon arrival.

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    We’re long overdue an update on Alex Prager’s fabulously melodramatic photography; the last time we posted about her was almost two years ago, and she hasn’t paused making work since. As ever there’s a strong undertone of voyeurism to her images, with her style still characterised by loaded cinematic poses and hectic multitudes of people crammed into small places.

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    Siren Elise Wilhelmsen is a Norwegian product designer based between Bergen and Berlin. She produces objects that challenge the concept of traditional functionality and transform natural materials into intricate mechanical objects. Through her practice she seeks to find “a conceptual way to stimulate ideas and discussions around our everyday objects, rituals and culture.”