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Talk Series
Sense Loft
April – September 2009

It’s Nice That hosted a monthly evening of talks in London’s Soho between April and October 2009, curated every month by a selected practitioner. The format was very simple – the creative that we invited to come and host the evening also bought two other speakers with them. The only criteria was that they should choose people who would be interesting and engaging – and they delivered in style. The talks were also published as a series of podcasts.

April 2009

Artist and designer Riitta Ikonen invited taxidermist Jazmine Miles-Long and letter-writing duo Michael Crowe & Lenka Clayton.

May 2009

Photographer Jane Stockdale invited filmmaker Cassiano Prado and designer Wes Rozen.

June 2009

Animator Johnny Kelly invited graphic designer David McFarline and photographer Marco Bohr.

July 2009

A special evening featuring three of our Graduates class of 2009 with talks by conceptual designer Rob Matthews, illustrator and graphic artist Sroop Sunar and graphic designer Jack Featherstone.

August 2009

Graphic artist Chrissie Abbott invited illustrator Danny Sangra and fashion designer Fred Butler.

September 2009

Artist Sam Winston invited photographer Andy Sewell and graphic artist Ian Wright.