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Words Words Words
Selfridges UltraLounge
February 2012

At the start of 2012 we were invited by Sefridges to host a series of talks exploring their Words Words Words theme in the store’s Ultralounge space. We invited 12 speakers over four different evenings to help us explore words and language from their very different perspectives.

Words As Communication

Featuring writer and artist James Bridle, The Guardian’s head of special investigations Paul Lewis and copywriting specialists We All Need Words.

Words As Images

Featuring Why Not Associates founder Andy Altmann, graphic designer Fraser Muggeridge and illustrator Sara Fanelli.

Words As Words

Featuring Giles Goodland of the Oxford English Dictionary, neuroscientist Dr Jenny Crinion and author Richard Beard.

Words As Performance

Featuring game designer Holly Gramazio, journalist and performer Musa Okwonga and Poetry Takeaway founder Tim Clare.