Brandon Graham: Walrus Cover

Work / Exhibition

Illustration: Brandon Graham’s comics are now on display in Amsterdam

A great show here from Brandon Graham, a highly acclaimed comic strip and graphic novel artist whose work acts as a well-illustrated bridge between day-to-day mundanity and life on far-off planets. This exhibition celebrates the launch of his new book, Walrus, which is “a punning, humorous and sexy universe of machines, logos, women, and bumbling men, all cast in an alternate sci-fi universe.”

Sexy universe it most certainly is, lots of naked ladies juxtaposed with little creatures and strange machinery that Brandon also likes to draw. Definitely worth a look if you’re in the area!

Tusk will be on show at Gallery 33 in Amsterdam until July 5.


Brandon Graham: Multiple Warheads Sample


Brandon Graham: Walrus Sample Page


Brandon Graham: Walrus Sample Page


Brandon Graham: Portrait with elephants