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Jerkcurb illustrates the world of the Voodoo Saloon in upcoming comic and single

Illustrator and musician Jacob Read has announced a new single today (19 June) Voodoo Saloon, under his artistic pseudonym Jerkcurb.

To accompany the upcoming single Jacob is creating a comic of his own illustrated world, a common theme within his work. The comic titled Snakedog portrays the narrative of “a man and his limbless pet travelling through the desert in search for the man’s missing wife,” explains Jacob. “She loves the ocean, but there’s no water for miles, except for in Aquarena Springs. The Springs is a mermaid tourist attraction out in the desert. It’s a stretch, but it’s the only lead he’s got.”

However as the man finally reaches his destination “the gates are shut; he has arrived late into the night. He gets back in his car, thinking of his next move, but before he does he notices a green and blue hue emitting from the ground, it’s the entrance to The Voodoo Saloon”. The saloon is a “physical manifestation of the man’s fears, dreams and desires” says Jacob. “Everything he avoided in his life, all in one place. Feral and wild, it reeks of sex and death. With the image of his wife’s smiling face entering his head, eyes closed and a deep breath, he enters”.

In terms of illustration style, Jacob uses his delicate painterly style to envisage the narrative of Voodoo Saloon. In a vivid colour palette, shadows are painted in a royal blue, a sharp contrast to the desert setting, expanding upon an alternate reality of the scene at hand. The song that has inspired the Snakedog comic is “split into four parts, each representing a different room in the Saloon,” Jacob says. “Where voices torment and seduce, both sweet and evil.”


Jerkcurb: Snakedog


Jerkcurb: Snakedog


Jerkcurb: Snakedog


Jerkcurb: Snakedog