Skrekkøgle: Plugg

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Skrekkøgle’s Plugg radio invites you to put an actual cork in it

As a religious Radio 4 listener I’m constantly troubled by the appearance of The Archers twice daily, interrupting the station’s otherwise exciting range of shows. When the theme music starts I’m quick to switch the volume off, but I’ve often wished for a more literal way to put a cork in my least favourite radio drama (nobody cares what’s going on down on that bloody farm).

Norwegian design studio Skrekkøgle have come along and answered my prayers. Their Plugg radio is a fully-functioning DAB radio that’s switched on and off by the removal and replacement of a cork plug. Pull it out to get the music going and pop it back in to switch it off again. It’s a super-simple idea but executed with brilliance, bringing tactile charm to an increasingly digital medium.


Skrekkøgle: Plugg


Skrekkøgle: Plugg