1. Nguan-photography-singapore-itsnicethat-list Photography A rare interview with enigmatic and cherished photographer, Nguan
  2. David_shrigley_its_nice_that_liam_hart_list Art David Shrigley 1, Art World 0: a night out with the artist at Whitehawk FC
  3. Listimage Dropbox: The Dream Team “Four heads are better than one”: The Dropbox Dream Team on the art of creative collaboration
  4. Ps_list Graphic Design One Step Ahead: we meet Paula Scher, the trailblazing Pentagram Partner
  5. Listimage Dropbox: The Dream Team The Dream Team: JP Bonino's photographs visualise rhyming words with humour and character 
  6. Joost_swarte_illustration_new_yorker_its_nice_that_li Illustration “It’s through drawing that your head starts working” – The New Yorker's cartoonist Joost Swarte
  7. Listimage3 Dropbox: The Dream Team Max Siedentopf curates a creative dream team with Dropbox Paper
  8. Nikita_teryoshin_hornless_heritage_it's_nice_that_li Photography Hornless Heritage by photographer Nikita Teryoshin examines the world of Turbocows
  9. Millennial_pink_danielle_pender_cecile_gariepy_list Opinion Why Millennial Pink can do one
  10. Nicer_tuesdays_list Nicer Tuesdays Cakes can cause mass hysteria, and other takeaways from October's Nicer Tuesdays
  11. List Google: SPAN Newcastle/Gateshead Everything we learned at Google Design’s SPAN Newcastle-Gateshead event
  12. Harrys_makings_of_a_man_alec_doherty-list Harry's: Makings of a Man Want to talk to modern men in advertising? First, you need to listen
  13. Gaika_and_kibwe_list-img Film Brothers Gaika and Kibwe Tavares talk youth, grief and their boundless work ethic
  14. Harrys-list Harry's: Makings of a Man “Modelling felt liberating”: ten life models tell us about their experiences of baring all for art
  15. Tripodcity-sweetdreams-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography Sweet Dreams: Tripod City’s latest adventure focuses its lens on Mexico
  16. 00_harrys_event_ex_list Harry's: Makings of a Man “To me, being a man just means being yourself”: five creatives share their thoughts on masculinity
  17. Igor_bastidas_list Printed Pages The Igor has landed: Igor Bastidas on our animated cover for Printed Pages AW17
  18. Ppaw17_pre_order_list_2 Printed Pages Printed Pages AW17 is now available for pre-order – with exclusive prints, a party and more!
  19. Tishmurtha-cardsharps-youthunemployment-photography-itsnicethat-list Photography “A gift and a strong social conscience”: Ella Murtha on her mother’s astoundingly truthful photography
  20. Mh_1_list World Mental Health Day Introducing World Mental Health Day on It’s Nice That
  21. Sian-davey-photography-itsnicethat-list World Mental Health Day Siân Davey on the ways psychotherapy has informed her photography
  22. Harrys-frames-life-drawing Harry's: Makings of a Man Makings of a Man: come along to a day of life drawing with us!
  23. Paola_antonelli_mariano_pascual_moma_list Art Ripping up the rulebook: how Paola Antonelli transformed MoMA
  24. List3 The Conran Shop: Private View Making mischief at LDF17: how we created Private View at The Conran Shop
  25. Blag-01-list Opinion Blagging: dark art or essential creative skill?
  26. Converse_lovejoy_process_list Sponsored Content “Have a process you can apply to any situation, space or time”: what we learned from Converse’s Lovejoy Art Benefit
  27. Int-alessandro-furchino-capria-mm-paris-list Graphic Design M/M (Paris) and the ongoing conversations that define its practice
  28. Converse_lovejoy_ben_jones_amy_harrity_list The Converse Lovejoy Art Benefit Jump into the world of Ben Jones’ post-internet, psychedelic paintings
  29. Harrys_its_nice_that_makings_of_a_man_launch_list Harry's: Makings of a Man Makings of a Man: It’s Nice That and Harry’s invite you to be a life model for a day
  30. Nt-sep-list Nicer Tuesdays “My personal work informs everything that comes after it” and other bits we learned at September's Nicer Tuesdays
  31. Converse_lovejoy_stefan_marx_martina_borsche_list The Converse Lovejoy Art Benefit The irreverent spontaneity of Stefan Marx’s markmaking
  32. Its_nice_that_conran_window_ldf_2017_list-img The Conran Shop: Private View Art for everyone: join Charlotte Mei for sculpture workshops at Private View
  33. Kodak_ektra_scadebergs_list Sponsored Content "Never ending surprises and continuous exploration": Scandebergs hit London with Kodak's Ektra smartphone
  34. List_image Google: SPAN Newcastle/Gateshead It’s Nice That and Google Design invite you to SPAN 2017: Newcastle-Gateshead this October
  35. Converse_lovejoy_dominique_petrin_alex_blouin_list The Converse Lovejoy Art Benefit Artist Dominique Pétrin on creating her very own domestic product
  36. Article_1_list_image_done The Conran Shop: Private View It’s Nice That and The Conran Shop exclusively invite everyone to Private View this September
  37. Converse_lovejoy_brendan_monroe_molly_matalon_list The Converse Lovejoy Art Benefit “Flow, motion, geometry, proportion”: the illusory paintings of Brendan Monroe
  38. Roald_dahl_my_golden_ticket_wonderbly_book_illustration_graphic_design_itsnicethat-list Publication The makings of Roald Dahl’s My Golden Ticket, a new book revisiting Wonka’s fantastical world
  39. Converse_lovejoy_launch-list The Converse Lovejoy Art Benefit Going, Going, Gone: Converse launch 2017 art auction, now live
  40. Kodak Photography Vicky Grout takes us on a photographic trip through east London using Kodak's Ektra smartphone