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Monotype release new typeface SST, originally designed for Sony


Monotype has released a new typeface, SST, “a timeless sans serif created specifically to help brands consistently extend their brand across multiple mediums and geographies”.

Designed by Monotype’s Type Director, Akira Kobayashi, SST was originally designed for Sony. The typeface which can support “nearly 100 languages” is now available worldwide.

By being originally designed for a company the typeface strikes “a careful balance between style requirements and cultural sensitivities,” combining, “the organic readability of humanist sans serif designs with the sharp geometrics of neo-grotesque styles”. Available in six different weights and italics, the typeface is a nuanced font, of rounded shapes in both a corporate and personable style.

On the font’s design Akira explains: “The SST typeface is consistently rich and legible and was designed with the purpose of making a brand experience memorable and uniform, without being too flashy. As part of our design remit at Monotype, we are focused on creating global designs that have both staying power and the ability to tell a consistent story, no matter what language is being used to tell it.”


Monotype: SST


Monotype: SST