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“Less is enough”: New York’s Edition Studio on graphic design as an editing process

“We spend a lot of time selecting and deleting rather than adding,” says Victoire Coyon, of New York-based graphic design duo and foundry Edition Studio, when we catch up with her and co-founder Adrien Menard to chat about the pair’s slick, type-driven portfolio. Both originally from France, Adrien and Victoire met studying at ECV Paris and moved to the US a couple of years ago. While Victoire was freelance, working for clients like graphic design studio For Office Use Only (there she designed the identity for Ai WeiWei’s Public Art Fund NY show), Adrien worked for Brooklyn studio WSDIA, developing projects like the wayfinding and signage for Nike NYHQ and posters and books for the University of Pennsylvania. “Our experiences allow us to complement each other well,” says Adrien. “We ended up working together for our own clients more and more often, so the next step was to start Edition Studio.”

Moving to New York has been a great source of inspiration for the duo, especially the city’s hodge-podge visual culture. “We’re really interested in those graphic elements made by ‘non-designers’,” says Victoire. “For example, when really interesting and simple layouts are made from surprising typefaces combinations, stretched components, switched elements, stock images, and so on.” Most of the studio’s projects end up involving a whole visual identity system, even if the brief was only to create a new website or logo. “We are interested in a systematic approach,” says Adrien. “We believe that consistency and repetition lead to identification. Also as a type foundry and graphic studio, we like to produce bespoke lettering. We think typography can bring a really specific sensitivity to a project.”

A great example of this is Edition Studio’s visual identity for Spot, a media platform that shares the best “spots” in Brittany, France. Both big lovers of the region, Adrien and Victoire felt immediately involved and suggested extending the platform to include interviews and events rather than just recommendations. The logo was inspired by an interpretation of Brittany’s stereotypical typography – a contemporary version of uncial type. Alongside it they used a colour palette inspired by the Bretagne landscape and a neo-grotesque typeface that they’d been developing on the side. Because of the unusual typeface, the identity is packed with personality, but the overall feel is pared-back and clean.

Besides the duo’s studio practice, Adrien and Victoire often collaborate with other creatives on creating limited objects. They recently designed a series of bucket hats in collaboration with Tourist Studio and Thomas d’Enfert. “The idea came about after we found a pile of left over canvas in a Bushwick studio’s hallway, along with our desire to create functional objects using salvaged material,” says Adrien. With the amount of fabric they found, they assembled 19 hats, each of which is unique, numbered, hand-made and screenprinted in New York. As a last step, the pair invited photographer Dan McMahon to create a street photography series starring the hats. Its next self-initiated project is Salt and Pepper, a publication in collaboration with photographer Daniel Lober and write Zein Abi Assy, themed around disposable objects. With their side projects a place to make connections and experiment with new ideas, it’s interesting that this quiet aesthetic remains, clearly an integral park of their DNA. “For us, less is enough,” says Victoire. “Design does not concern so much aesthetics, but what is presented and what it serves.”


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Edition Studio: Bucket Hat, photo by DanMcMahon


Edition Studio: Continua typeface


Edition Studio: Continua typeface in use


Edition Studio: EditionKuir identity


Edition Studio: EditionKuir campaign


Edition Studio: Garden typeface Nike NHQ with WSDIA


Edition Studio: Spot


Edition Studio: Spot


Edition Studio: Klod typeface