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BBC’s David Bailey’s must watch talk for font fanatics from Nicer Tuesdays

David Bailey’s talk from September’s Nicer Tuesdays is a must-watch for any font fanatic. Creative director of GEL (global experience language) and UX&D at the BBC, David discusses the intricacies of launching a new typeface for the BBC, titled BBC Reith after its 1927 director general.

Talking through the BBC’s current two typefaces, Gill Sans and Helvetica, David highlights the reasons for the typeface needed to change, from publishing all content digitally to wanting to be bolder: “We need to be reaching out to a broader audience. For us to remain relevant we need to appeal to more people.”

Working with type foundry Dalton Maag, the new typeface which first launched on BBC sport answers the BBC’s requests that “it had to be more legible,” would be more “visually distinctive” and “save money…it’s the BBC after all.”