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Capturing the beauty of later years with filmmaking sister duo Emily and Alice Stein

Photography and filmmaking sister duo Emily and Alice Stein joined forces on the short film Hello, I Am Nora, about a retired architect in her mid 70s with a delightful zest for later life. At Nicer Tuesdays, they told the serendipitous story of how they came to meet Nora, and the challenges of working on a film of such personal importance to its strong-willed star.

“It’s her being her, not someone else, so we wanted it to be totally true to her and authentic. It was a tricky process. We gave it a dreamy 70s feel and a pastel hue, with music inspired by Bewitched that reflected her cheeky and magical character.” Above, you can watch the film in full, and hear more insights from the Stein sisters.