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Me & EU’s co-founder Sam T Smith on using creativity for unity

Sam T Smith and Nathan Smith exemplified the creative community’s reaction to Brexit with their project Me & EU, a series of postcards by UK-based designers such as Craig Oldham, NB Studio and Catalogue, and sent to Europe when Article 50 was triggered. At Nicer Tuesdays, Sam spoke about how the project aimed to instil positivity and unity into the industry after the shock of the referendum, and why this inspired a vast and diverse range of creatives to take part.

“More than anything, Brexit made us feel really disconnected, not just from the EU but half our own country, let alone the government. We felt like we weren’t being heard, we felt misunderstood and even a bit embarrassed. Brexit brought a lot of hatred to the table and we wanted to do a project that focused on positivity, unity and good humour," says Sam. "The format of a postcard allows something enticing, beautiful, thought-provoking on the front then something heartfelt and emotional on the back.”