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Andrew Rae on illustrating “Fear and Loathing in the time of Trump”

“There can’t be many people whose face could be replaced with a butt and you still know who they are,” is how renowned illustrator Andrew Rae began explaining the process of creating his recent cover for The New York Times Magazine at August’s Nicer Tuesdays.

The illustrator has done “some bits and bobs” for the publication since around 2006, including previous covers. However this time, the brief was to communicate “Fear and Loathing in the time of Trump”.

The theme saw the illustrator draw a mammoth cover featuring Steve Bannon, female protestors in pussy hats and a swarm of twitter birds flocking from the white house, while one of Trump’s aids attempts to catch them all, alongside creating a double page spread and spot illustrations too.

Andrew talked the audience through the little details that built up this impressively detailed project, and how by picking up on public perceptions of politicians and celebrities they can become instantly recognisable. Nigel Farage for instance is immediately noticed for just “being a twat”.