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Random International’s Dev Joshi on its recent performance, +/- Human

Random International’s head of technology, Dev Joshi, took to the Nicer Tuesdays stage for a brilliant talk about the studio’s recent collaboration with Wayne McGregor’s +/- Human, which took place at The Roundhouse, London in August.

As a studio, Random International “explores the human condition in an increasingly mechanised world”. For +\- Human that meant speaking to the audience using orbs that react to their surroundings. The result created a feeling “that is familiar enough, but not familiar enough that you’re comfortable with it,” Dev explains.

By speaking to our “lizard brain”, Dev talked the audience through some of the surprising elements that consequently informed the piece. “There’s a million reasons why this project shouldn’t work,” he says. For instance, changes in the weather make the orbs lighter or heavier, which effects everything, ultimately whether they stay in the air or not. “Even the difference between a sunny morning and a rainy afternoon – which by the way is every day in August because UK, right? It’s enough to throw the buoyancy completely out.”

Consequently, Random International had to react to what happened, which is what made it so interesting, ten hours a day for a month, “you always have to do the tuning on site, with real people,” he explains. “The best part of my job is seeing what people do, it’s amazing.”