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Photographer Hollie Fernando on how the Pre-Raphaelites inspired her work for Laura Marling

At the age of just 25, photographer Hollie Fernando took us through her career at Nicer Tuesdays and began with her teenage years.

From shooting her cousins in a nearby wood on her camera phone, developing a fondness for film in the dark room at school, to a stint at a family portrait studio after leaving university, Hollie has since become an in-demand photographer. This is largely for her personal and stylistic tendency to take tones from painterly references rather than photographic ones.

A recent commission for Hollie allowed her particular craft with a camera to shine, creating the images for Laura Marling’s album campaign Semper Femina. When first researching a shoot, “I always ask for reference boards so I can find out their favourite pieces,” the photographer explains. When working with Laura, a connection with the Pre-Raphaelites appealed to them both and led the creative direction of Hollie’s portraits. Glistening with light, Hollie also explains how the shoot also saw the pair transform Laura’s boyfriend’s flat in Margate to a plant paradise with set designer Nathan Read.