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Director Raine Allen-Miller on visualising anxiety’s many forms

Director Raine Allen-Miller (one of It’s Nice That’s 2017 Ones to Watch), talked the audience through her career from advertising to directing, wanting her films to go beyond just a minute.

Now represented by production company Somesuch, Raine talked us through her most recent music video release for Tricky by Denai Moore. The lyrics of the track explored anxiety, and for the director Tricky’s video was an opportunity to explore the multi-faceted forms of anxiety, in particular how it can be creative.

With a relatively open brief, Denai’s only instruction for Raine was to incorporate flowers showing growth. A fan of stop-motion animation since GSCE art classes, short clips of flowers growing are cut in between filmed shots – “it took forever to cut out every frame,” she explains.

The other main component to the film is “Denai being at the spine of the film, as their her words”. Inspired by the opening shot of A Clockwork Orange, a drawn out tracking shot of Denai holds the viewer’s gaze throughout. This incorporated with thoughtful props and settings makes for a powerful performance.