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ManvsMachine on its hugely diverse campaign for Air Max Day

Executive producer at highly respected design agency ManvsMachine, Ellie Bailey, took us through the vast and hugely diverse campaign it put together for the recent Air Max Day, done completely in-house.

After being commissioned to celebrate 30 years of Air Max, the team wanted to embrace their more illustrative and graphic realm of design. “Of course we are known for our 3D work, but this was a great opportunity to flex our muscles. We couldn’t help but take a crack at the bubble type.” While running through the visuals, there was a clear “rebellious spirit” throughout and an abundance of eclectic visual experiments showcasing the different development stages. The end result bridges the 2D with 3D graphics, paying a creative homage to the Air Max revolution. “At the end of the day, the end product and process are all about creative chaos.”