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Photographer Peter Anderson on his experiments with a Widelux camera and their “wonderful distortions”

Photographer Peter Anderson began his career capturing the indie club scene in the 70s, and has shot Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osborne and Madonna, among others. Speaking at Nicer Tuesdays, Peter shared a personal side project using a Widelux camera, showing many never before seen images.

“What I love about photography is the magic of it,” he said, showing a short film demonstrating how the camera’s swivel lens works, and the results of his experiments with it. “I like showing what else happens at the edge of the frame. One of the things I love about this camera is the panorama. The photos are like stills from a film, you can see the whole scene.”

The photographer says he also loved “the wonderful distortions” created by using the camera in a different way to its intended purpose, showing a number of series including one focused on drag racing. From the car parts to the characters involved in the racing scene, Peter manages to capture this world in a refreshing and charismatic way.