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Spin studio shares its latest work and how to perk up “depressed-looking” v’s

Over the past 20 years, graphic design studio Spin has designed everything from the Ministry of Sound identity to publications such as Adventures in Typography. Here, Tony Brook and Claudia Klat take us behind the scenes at their London studio, and run us through a few recent projects including the identity for Parisian publisher Corps Reviver and the design of its book, L’Heure du Cocktail.

“We always like a challenge and this project was certainly one of those,” said Tony about the work for Corps Reviver. After being approached to design the identity and first book for the client, Spin found that it was eager to challenge what it found was the most depressing letterform in the alphabet. “What struck us was how miserable the letter ‘v’ is — it’s so downward-looking and depressed,” said Tony. "So by turning it upside down we thought we could perhaps get more in the spirit, excuse the pun.”

The team “always enjoy making new letter forms and experimenting with them”, which sticks to its ethos of facing complex ideas with fresh ways of thinking. In the film above Tony and Claudia tell us more about their pioneering process and how they plan to continue to create elegant and functional design.