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Gem Fletcher on Riposte’s game-changing photoshoot with Ericka Hart

Gem Fletcher, director of photography for Riposte, is also an established art director in her own right. At Nicer Tuesdays, she shared some of her dynamic personal work and insights into the magazine’s much-lauded recent cover shoot by featuring a topless Ericka Hart.

Gem took us through her experiences with commissioning photography and working with the Riposte team, including the sourcing of a “flawless” photographer for the shoot with Ericka, Shaniqwa Jarvis. Her talk was a true vision into her “both brilliant and stressful” day-to-day, and what the team are aiming for with its pioneering output. “When the magazine started it was about cool and interesting women doing cool and interesting things. In this weirdest of weird times, that doesn’t feel like enough now,” she explains. “Making an indie magazine is a true labour of love.” Watch the full film above to hear more from Gem.