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Director Noah Harris on how he created an epic rave for 1000 solar powered toys

Director Noah Harris has previously turned his hand to ads and music videos but recently combined the two in a film for E.On starring Gorillaz. In his Nicer Tuesdays talk, he took us behind the scenes of his trip to the ‘desert’ to direct 1000 solar powered toys in an epic feat of in-camera filmmaking.

“I’m a graphic designer who accidentally became a director,” he tells the audience at the outset. Drawing inspiration from Mad Max, the Burning Man Festival, “crazy Japanese shit” and rave culture, Noah and his team went from pitch to shooting in a quarry in Spain in just three weeks. He shares the challenges of sourcing a cast of quirky toys, modifying and programming them to dance in time, and how his obsession with Clint Eastwood informed the styling of Gorillaz’ Murdoch. “The client had a strict ‘no bare breasts or underwear’ clause, which I thought was funny because it’s all toys,” he shares. As a madcap lesson in how to shoot an ambitious project and stay true to your original creative vision, Noah’s talk is invaluable.