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A rare insight into Weirdcore’s mind and retina warping visuals

Designer Weirdcore treats us to a rare insight to his visuals for Aphex Twin. Using live generated elements combined with trippy and intense pop culture imagery manipulated in real time, what Weirdcore puts on the screens is both mind and retina warping.

“I don’t know how to describe what I do but it’s just not corporate, basically,” Weirdcore explains before presenting his incredible portfolio of work. From “PNGs manipulated in real-time on crappy laptops”, Faster than Sound festival video installations and visuals that led to various projects with MIA, his huge back catalogue – and current work – projects a wealth of experience in the field. With various projects in the pipeline, including the film Beats by Bran Welsh, music video for Young Juvenile Youth, Femm and Wave VR, this is one exciting artist to keep your eyes on.