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A Practice for Everyday Life on its Hockney book and Yorkshire inspirations

Graphic design studio A Practice for Everyday Life (APFEL) has firmly established itself over the past 14 years as a go-to studio for galleries and publishers to create beautiful publications. Recently, co-founders Kirsty Carter and Emma Thomas were approached to work on a dream project – the book for the Tate Britain’s David Hockney show.

At Nicer Tuesdays, Kirsty and Emma took us through the fascinating process for creating this supremely coveted, 270-page tome, and its serendipitous nature. With the founders’ Yorkshire roots aligning with Hockney’s own, and his work acting as an inspiration for the duo’s early work, APFEL seemed ideal for the commission, and the studio even elected a Yorkshire-born typeface to reaffirm its northern core. They tell us about this design decision and more in fascinating detail.