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GraphicDesign& on how design impacts human health

“I believe graphic design can change the world,” opens Lucienne Roberts from GraphicDesign&, speaking with Rebecca Wright at Nicer Tuesdays. The two – Lucienne a designer and Rebecca an educator – who run the publishing house, recently co-curated and designed the Wellcome Collection’s Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? show. Let loose on the institution’s vast archive, the pair discovered hundreds of items that spotlight design’s influence on human health over centuries.

From vintage cigarette packaging to wartime condom wrappers, and more contemporary examples of pioneering creative schemes to combat health issues, the material Lucienne and Rebecca flit through in this talk is fascinating and enlightening. “We wanted to invite people in, and be provocative. It’s bold, it lays its cards on the table. Designers aren’t just involved in the subtlety of messages, they’re playful and part of the relationship with the viewer, that can sometimes be surprising.”