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Mikey Please takes us behind the scenes, and the backlash, of the Bake Off trailer

Making the Great British Bake Off trailer, it turns out, was a sweet and sour experience. At Nicer Tuesdays, Mikey Please – one half of animation studio Parabella – told how the team created the entirely edible stop motion that got a mixed reaction from the public.

“We were tasked with cushioning the public’s transition from the warm cosy bosom of the BBC into the edgy commercial talons of Channel 4 for the most loved show on British telly. We did this massive baking extravaganza,” he says, remembering his positive outlook. “What could possibly go wrong?”

After such a happy, positive experience making the film, Mikey told us of his excitement for the reaction on the day it was finally released. “It was trending on Twitter, but not in a good way,” he laughed, showing the hilarious headlines and tweets that followed, including “New GBBO advert sparks mass hysteria” and “The new GBBO trailer is like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory if it was in hell”.

“Oh god,” he remembers thinking, “I’m never going to work again! Spoiler alert – it was all fine, everything turned out ok.”

Mikey then showed countless animation tests and behind the scenes snippets that make for brilliant viewing, exploring how they got croissants to hold hands, vol-au-vents to vomit and saggy dough faces to come to life. He also shared some advice: “It’s like working with animals and children, if you’re in live action filming, don’t work with stuff that’s going to rot, get eaten by mice or fall apart.”