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Sabat magazine enlightens us on contemporary witchcraft culture

“What if I made a magazine about modern witches,” Sabat editor Elisabeth Krohn remembers asking herself when she first set out to self-publish. Having completed a trilogy of issues themed around different stages of a witch’s life, called The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone to great success, Elisabeth and designer Cleber Rafael De Campos spoke at Nicer Tuesdays about how the project evolved.

At first, Elisabeth tried to immerse herself in the community and find out more about its personalities, finding a diverse variety. “I asked everyone what does the word witch mean to you? No answer was the same.” After the inaugural issue, “witches from all over the world got in touch, and community-sourced content became a cornerstone of Sabat,” she says, adding: “For us, the witch is a symbol of potent femininity.”

On the design, Cleber says they “wanted it to feel like a magical object in itself”, and countless details and special flourishes in the mag’s design and production make this a reality.