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Choreographer and director Holly Blakey on making work for everyone

Choreographer and director Holly Blakey taught the Nicer Tuesdays audience the benefits of stepping outside your direct medium, and how this can help you to learn about your practice, as well as the wider repercussions of it.

Mostly known for her music video and fashion films, Holly explains how “seeing dance through a different lens, well, specifically through a lens actually, has opened an intriguing world for me” in comparison to her normative choreographic background.

However, while working on commercial or music projects Holly noticed that “anything that was made for the mass public or popular culture suddenly had much less value”. This led to the creative asking wider questions about her work. “I felt a bit like, why are we making work? Who are we making work for if not for everyone?”

Consequently, this inspired her recent live performances including Abide and Some Greater Class which explored “my perceived kind of prejudice” opening at London’s Southbank Centre and has now moved to The Lowry, Manchester. Holly ends her talk with a film for Nowness that in many ways combines all of her learnings, titled Cherry Hill.