Will Hudson

Will founded It’s Nice That in 2007 and is now director of the company. Once one of the main contributors to the site he has stepped back from writing as the business has expanded. He is a regular guest on the Studio Audience podcast.

  1. Susanphilipsz Art Susan Philipsz
  2. 4thplinth Art Fourth Plinth
  3. Aaje Photography Aurelien Arbet and Jeremie Egry
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  15. Kimsielbeck Illustration Kim Sielbeck
  16. Royalmint Graphic Design DesignStudio: King James Bible Coin
  17. Craigward Graphic Design Craig Ward: The Bulk of Reality
  18. Chrisburden Film Chris Burden
  19. Presentandcorrect Product Design Present & Correct
  20. Reprint Graphic Design RePrint
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  22. Jonasbergstrand Illustration Jonas Bergstrand
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  29. Billboard Advertising Lead Pencil Studio
  30. Felixodell Product Design Felix Odell
  31. Danwitchell Guest Post Dan Witchell
  32. Carlkleiner0 Photography Carl Kleiner: Ethiopia
  33. Paulsmithrapha Film Rapha and Paul Smith
  34. Topmandenim Film Laurence Ellis: Topman Denim
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  42. Pearlfisher Graphic Design Pearlfisher
  43. Futurecontent_lineup Writing Future:Content Line-up
  44. Value01 Miscellaneous Sachiko
  45. Romainlaurent Photography Romain Laurent: Tilt
  46. Smelllikeamonster Advertising Sesame Street: Smell Like a Monster
  47. Ox Art Ox
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  63. Int4_vimeo Graphic Design It's Nice That Issue #4: James Jarvis pre-order last chance
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  65. Ustwo Interactive ustwo
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