1. List Animation Morph is back, and he’s spinning, scratching and beat matching like a tiny plasticine pro
  2. List Animation Treat Studios have created a mesmerising animation of a footballer's anatomy
  3. Main Animation Greenpeace's controversial animation urges LEGO to stop promoting Shell Oil
  4. Main Animation Fabrice le Nezet releases an astonishing, surreal animation called Mother
  5. List Animation Incredible animation shows a crazy dystopian future where breathing is outlawed
  6. List Animation Freddy Arenas' beautiful animation for the New York Times tells the story of true love
  7. List Advertising Tom Darracott and Carl Burgess are together again for a new campaign for Loft
  8. List Animation Animation: This stop motion fighting animation made with woollen puppets is the best
  9. List Animation Web: We chat to the brains behind beautiful animated music procrastination site Patatap
  10. List Music Animation: Is Tharsis Sleeps the most badass music video ever made? Yes. Yes it is
  11. List Animation World Cup 2014: Iconic World Cup moments reimagined as five second films in new series Fives
  12. List Film Animation: Cowgirls and magic 8-balls star in Daniela Sherer's Western-inspired music video
  13. List Jaguar #LiveFearless #LiveFearless: Our final look at creative risk-taking comes from the brilliant Becky & Joe
  14. List Animation Animation: Wayne The Stegosaurus is one of the most charming animated characters we've ever met!
  15. List-2 Animation Animation: Take a train into a seriously trippy fantasy land in this Russian music video
  16. 1 Animation Animation: Luca Tóth's funny new short champions life's frustrating moments
  17. List Animation Illustration: Ville Savimaa creates a fantastical wonderland for a Copenhagen theme park
  18. List Advertising Animation: PES is back with a fantastically violent swan massacre short
  19. Main Animation Animation: Johnny Kelly and Co. are back with Shape, a beautiful animation promoting design to young people
  20. List Music Music Video: The Jullien brothers go all sexy for their new video for The Coward
  21. List Animation Animation: Super fun animation created to teach children about the perils of the internet
  22. Main Animation Animation: Ambitious 4000 frame animation inspired by Heavy Metal patch embroidery
  23. Main1 Animation Animation: Thomas Slater and Andy Baker's guide to succeeding at art school
  24. List Animation Animation: Alice Dunseath's short animation inspired by David Hockney
  25. List Animation Animation: Art&Graft unveil superb new in-flight film for Virgin Atlantic
  26. List Animation Animation: It's Called Moon recreates the effect of trying to sleep after taking melatonin
  27. Main Animation Animation: Stefan Glerum's first foray into moving image is a stunning achievement
  28. List Animation Animation: Celyn's super film celebrates Vitra's Barber Osgerby-designed table
  29. Armain Animation Bookshelf: The guys at Animated Review pick their most inspirational books
  30. List Film Film: 1000 litres of black treacle and nudity means a new website from Carl Burgess
  31. List Animation Animation: Wallpaper* celebrates its awards winners with a beautiful film
  32. Main Animation Animation: Hilarious, gruesome and perfectly made, it's Becky & Joe's Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2
  33. List Music Music: Meet David Kamp, the man who makes animations sound amazing!
  34. List Animation Animation: A group of animators create a paean to terrible nights out we've all endured
  35. List Animation Animation: Top talent provide Christmas GIFs for return of Ryan Todd's project
  36. Main Film Film: Finally! Michel Gondry on the making of Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?
  37. List Animation Animation: Here's some charming animation by Johnny Kelly for the NY Times
  38. List Film Animation: Leading creatives pick the work they wish they'd done
  39. Main9 Music Music Video: Mac Premo and Oliver Jeffers bring U2's lyrics to life
  40. List Music Animation: Bombay Bicycle Club get the hand-drawn treatment in their latest video
  41. List Animation Animation: Nicolas Ménard surpasses himself with incredible new projects
  42. List Advertising Advertising: Great making of video for the new John Lewis Bear and Hare spot
  43. Fourr-list Animation Animation: Joey Fourr teaches us the trippy basics of animating by hand
  44. List Animation Music Video: War is waged in this breathtaking animation from CRCR!
  45. List Animation Animation: A technically brilliant and super weird short from Murat Sayginer
  46. Main Animation Animation: Hilarious animation about Elton John from Young studio
  47. Main Animation Animation: Best CV ever? Check out the world's first interactive platform résumé from Robby Leonardi
  48. List Animation Animation: 2X4 go all out to confuse your poor eyes in this terrific new animation
  49. List Animation Animation: Andersen M create exceptional Shackleton promo from old maps
  50. List Animation Animation: Guillermo Del Toro guest-directs Simpsons Halloween intro
  51. 1 Animation Illustration: Jack Cunningham's new website of work is a bit of a corker
  52. List-2 Film Animation: William Child's animated film about infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar
  53. Lnwc-list Animation Animation: The best animation compilation ever from Late Night Work Club
  54. List Animation Film: If Desmondo Ray's video dating doesn't melt you, nothing will, you monster
  55. Cn-list Animation Animation: Great work from six studios in Cartoon Network's summer ident
  56. Tg1 Film Animation: Terry Gilliam teaching us all animation tricks? Yes please
  57. Anete-list Animation Animation: Anete Melece's The Kiosk playfully comments on daily routine
  58. Menard-list Animation Animation: Nicolas Ménard, former Student of the Month has awesome updates!
  59. List Animation Animation: Young talent Joe Sparkes' wonderfully poignant boxing tale
  60. List Animation Animation: Weird and wonderful short Wish List is well worth a watch
  61. Janicki-list Animation Animation: Maciek Janicki plays god with a metropolis in breathtaking short
  62. Please-list Animation Animation: Mikey Please returns with (maybe) the greatest stop-motion ever
  63. List Animation Animation: LSD ABC is a beautifully trippy visual exploration of the alphabet
  64. List Animation Animation: Joseph Mann's slightly NSFW sexy celebration of summer
  65. List Animation Animation: Eoin Duffy captures the weird airport other world perfectly
  66. List Animation Animation: Nomoon document the history of the well-loved Vespa design in Vespalogy
  67. List Advertising Animation: Apple's new promo boasts some really nice touches
  68. Main3 Animation Animation: Shishiya Mazaki's dancing is bound to cheer you up on a Tuesday
  69. Holden Music Music Video: Jack Featherstone art directs a smashing new piece for Holden
  70. List Animation Animation: Professor Soap's latest interstellar adventure is positively cosmic
  71. Main Animation Animation: Lovely little advert for onefinestay is an animated delight
  72. List Animation ManvsMachine produce pitch-perfect promo for Nike's recycling scheme
  73. List Animation Patator Prod steps up with an ISNANE stopmotion for Professor Kliq
  74. Childline-list Animation Buck and YCN Studio create an incredibly powerful animated film for Childline
  75. P_p-list Animation Nice piece of educational animation from Part and Parcel
  76. Bang-list Animation Cowboy's back for a new adventure in More Than Just a Hobby
  77. Main Animation Becky & Joe's latest masterpiece, a Man-Ray inspired music video for Delicate Steve
  78. Listimage Animation Daniel Sierra's thesis animation is an audio-visual barnstormer!
  79. Main Animation LEGO Breaking Bad – best imaginary computer game ever?
  80. Circle-list Animation Stunning piece of sci-fi animation from Adam Wells in The Circle Line