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In Progress 2012

  1. List In Progress 2012 A look back at In Progress 2012, our annual conference for the creative industries
  2. In_progress_2012_michaelmorris_davidkohn_list In Progress 2012 Our final In Progress profile looks at the creators who shaped A room for London
  3. In_progress_2012_rupertgoodwins_list In Progress 2012 Tech guru Rupert Goodwins is our next In Progress Speaker profile!
  4. In_progress_2012_danbrooke_list In Progress 2012 One of the brains behind Meet the Superhumans, we profile Dan Brooke
  5. In_progress_2012_ruthmackenzie_list In Progress 2012 We profile the brilliant (cultural powerhouse) Ruth Mackenzie!
  6. In_progress_2012_richardsterret_list In Progress 2012 Ben Terrett and Sarah Richards of the GDS feature in our latest In Progress profile
  7. In_progress_2012_hellicarlewis_list In Progress 2012 Our next In Progress speaker profile looks at interactive wonders Hellicar and Lewis
  8. In_progress_2012_edwardbarber_list In Progress 2012 Our next In Progress profile is one half of internationally acclaimed design duo BarberOsgerby
  9. In_progress_2012_fullprogramme_list In Progress 2012 Hooray - we've just announced the full programme for In Progress 2012
  10. Franklintill_list In Progress 2012 FranklinTill explore the future of experience culture at In Progress, for our next speaker profile
  11. In_progress_2012_keiichimatsuda_list In Progress 2012 First up in our In Progress speaker profiles, we're wowed by designer Keiichi Matsuda
  12. List In Progress 2012 We're thrilled to announce Lowdi as the event partner for our In Progress conference
  13. In_progress_2012_list In Progress 2012 BarberOsgerby, Ruth MacKenzie, Hellicar & Lewis and many more join us for In Progress
  14. In_progress_2012_updates02_int_post__copy_3 In Progress 2012 Come one, come all – our creative conference, In Progress, is set to be a corker