1. Main Music Film duo Fred and Nick's haunting trailer for Laura Marling's new album
  2. Nilsson-list Music Watch Andreas Nilsson blow David Guetta's video budget in style
  3. List Music Very cool interactive video for performance poet Musa Okwonga's ode to London
  4. List Music It's Springtime! Here's The It's Nice That Monthly Mixtape #3: Spring
  5. Main2 Music Warning: trippy, flashing images in this amazing video from Melt Yourself Down
  6. Atrak Music Ryan Staake and Kinetic King give us an elaborate domino chain in new video
  7. Hfs-list Music Legs, bums, tums and an old people's home in Jordan Dodson's mad new video
  8. Pseudo-list Music Green screen gimp suits and powerful yoyo skills from the brilliant Pseudo Nippon
  9. Donottouch Music Moniker's latest crowd-sourced music video gets your mouse warmed up...
  10. Main Music Now THAT'S a teaser! Pharrell, Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers perform Get Lucky
  11. Cat_power_manhattan Music Cat Power's beautifully shot video for new single Manhattan unsurprisingly set in Manhattan...
  12. Stocco-list Music Man makes music with leaves and blows us all away
  13. Int_monthlymixtape_int_list Music Put your hands together for The It's Nice That Monthly Mixtape #2: Journeys
  14. List Music Mesmerising stuff from Sonnymoon and their video for Just Before Dawn
  15. Django Music Django Django's video for WOR is a dangerously high-speed treat
  16. Viewz-list Music Massive Attack's Teardrop played through vegetables? Yes please!
  17. Sledge Music Celebrating the Museum of the Moving Image's new music video exhibition with a classic
  18. Knife-list Music The Knife return after seven years with a stunning new video
  19. Suuns Music Sabrina Ratté's eye-bending video for Suuns is a little package of lo-fi joy
  20. List Music Puppets pleasuring themselves in Becky and Joe's wonderfully NSFW new video
  21. Afp Music Rejoice! Garth Jennings is back with some smart choreography for Atoms for Peace
  22. List Music Feast your eyes on the gorgeous New American Noise films (some NSFW...)
  23. Mixtape Music Please give a warm welcome to the It's Nice That Monthly Mixtape #1: Beginnings
  24. Jackwhite Music Triple Decker Records? What will Jack White think of next?
  25. Main1 Music Steve Powers whips up a cool mural for Kurt Vile's new album
  26. Keith-list Music Brilliant fun with stock footage from the twisted mind of Keith Schofield
  27. Grace Music Grace Jones' I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect for You) is a fine Keith Haring tribute
  28. Stoemp-list Music Beautifully printed letterpress dice from Belgian designers Stoëmp
  29. Main Music Like Gifs? Like collages? Check out the brilliant new Bonobo video
  30. Niceideaeveryday Music Holy Stereoscopes! A Nice Idea Everyday smash it for Bring me the Horizon
  31. List Music A psychedelic sexual adventure from the magnificent David Wilson
  32. Main_09.47.28 Music Not for the squeamish – Kris Moyes' surreal new video for Grizzly Bear
  33. Daddy Music One Month Off by Bloc Party is a belting way to introduce Dublin's brilliant D.A.D.D.Y
  34. Big-idea-list Music Joe Dixon’s video for Black Books’ new track shows a sweet, unusual date night
  35. List Music George Belfield's gorgeous video for Richard Hawley is a real winner
  36. Kadebostany-list Music Brass bands, ballet and a nude horn section from Supermafia VJ's new video
  37. List Music Spruce up your January work out with with Dutch Uncles' new video for Flexxin'
  38. List Music Fantastic set of films celebrate the music scenes in six American cities
  39. John_m Music Ex-Beta Band John Maclean demonstrates his filmmaking prowess for Django Django
  40. List Music Unnerving video accompanies David Bowie’s beautiful new elegy to Berlin
  41. Toro Music Monday Morning Music Video's back – Toro Y Moi take you to orange-jumper heaven
  42. Main Music Dizzee delivers a responsible message in the foul-mouthed Bassline Junkie
  43. Wham Music Wham!'s Last Christmas is ideal for our final Monday Morning Music Video of 2012
  44. Listimage Music Kahlil Joseph's short film for Flying Lotus is a sublime, emotive masterpiece.
  45. Toro-list Music Immerse yourself in the ironic but exquisite vision of So Many Details
  46. Sigur_ros Music Sigur Rós' experiment comes to an end with Floria Sigismondi beautifully directing Elle Fanning
  47. List2 Music Hugo and Marie take care of the visuals for Rihanna's latest, Unapologetic
  48. List Music AG Rojas can do no wrong - more music video joy with his latest for Purity Ring
  49. Keatonhenson-list Music William Williamson's new music video is as scathingly intense as they come
  50. Main Music Snoop Lion is born in this seriously crazy video by Eli Roth!
  51. Frosty Music Gruesome yuletide claymation for Sufjan Steven's new track Mr. Frosty
  52. Ablist Music Monday Morning Music Video stars a knitted octopus thanks to Oh Yeah Wow
  53. Main Music Best video and song ever? Neil Young & Crazy Horse's utterly genius Ramada Inn!
  54. Main2 Music Dark and broody new video here from The xx, directed by Young Replicant
  55. Jackwhite Music Two Jacks are better than one in Mr.White's slick new video
  56. Sleeperhold-list Publication Behold the mighty work of independent publishers Sleeperhold
  57. List Music A silly take on the lip-synch music video from Sam Bailey and Amer Chada-Patel
  58. Batforlashes Music Natasha Khan at her most mesmerising in the new Bat For Lashes video
  59. Fonzhickmann-list Music Fons Hickmann's gorgeous Semperoper catalogue has got us hot for opera
  60. Main3 Music Must watch now! Emily Kai Bock's new, dreamlike video for Grizzly Bear's Yet Again
  61. Sufjan Music Barefoot pirouettes to Sufjan Stevens make for a wonderful two minutes
  62. David_byrne Music Soak up this stupendous video for David Byrne and St.Vincent collaboration Who
  63. List Music Beard wearers unite! Amazing new music video celebrates hairy-faces
  64. Stuff_rotates Music M&E direct a film of stuff rotating to excellent effect for our MMMV
  65. Main Music Dan has Potential may have just made the best Metronomy video yet...
  66. Main Music You gotta see this - Adam Buxton's glorious montage of YouTube stereotypes
  67. Main2 Music Nash Edgerton brings us a brilliantly violent, cheese-fest of a Bob Dylan video
  68. Major_lazer Music Bring on Notting Hill! Major Lazer keep the carnival spirit alive with Get Free
  69. Radiohead Music Radiohead lead us through the woods for a glimpse at a wonderful new track
  70. Cut-the-world-list-again Music Marina Abramović and Willem Dafoe in Antony and the Johnson's gruesome new video
  71. Pond Music Want to brighten up your Monday? Let Pond's brilliant new video do the business...
  72. Main_16-49-46 Music Ryan McGinley plays with time in this dreamy, New York-based Sigur Rós video
  73. Blur21 Music Rejoice! The mighty Blur are 21, and what better way to celebrate...
  74. Main2 Music Why make one music video when you can make ten? Micachu shows us how it's done
  75. Summertimes-blues-list Music Garth Jennings tries to get rid of Adam Buxton in his excellent exploding music vid for Guitar Wolf
  76. Si-begg Music Mindblowing analogue visuals for Si Begg's new single, Permission to Explode
  77. Srlist Music Whatever else you do today watch Ramin Bahrani's video for Sigur Rós
  78. 2bears-list Music Serious feel-good visuals in Federico Vitetta's new promo for The 2 Bears
  79. List Music Mindblowing future madness in CANADA's new Justice video New Lands
  80. Beg Music Non-stop dance joy from Bombay Bicycle Club's latest music video