1. Drumlines Music Great story, great documentary short, Battle of the Drumlines from Show Love founder Peter Crosby
  2. Dannybrown-list Music Hanging out with a cool kid for Danny Brown's latest video. Happy Friday indeed!
  3. Beatles-list-copy Music We interview photographer Harry Benson on his legendary shots of The Beatles
  4. Norse Music Meet Kristoffer Borgli's dance mad Inspector Norse
  5. Km Music Lights, camera, action! (but mainly lights) ISO Studio's video for Simian Mobile Disco
  6. Creature-comfort-fred-rowson Music Creature Comfort – Fred Rowson's new video for Police Dog Hogan's World Enough
  7. Pp Music Ever wondered what it's like to be a bouncy ball? Check out Passion Pit's Take a Walk
  8. Andy-baker-society-all-that-we_ve-become Music Andy Baker's awesome black and white animation for new Society single
  9. Mmmv Music Massaging penguins anyone? New Moones video is a frosty treat
  10. Cwlist Music Graphic star Craig Wards turns his talents to extraordinary scientific music vid
  11. 1 Music Marvel at this painfully cool French animated music video for Odezenne
  12. Kwjz Music Romain Gavras pulls out all the stops for new Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration
  13. Feist Music Simple and stunningly effective new video for Feist's Cicadas and Gulls
  14. Crackingeggs Music Good-strange new music video from Jeremy Liebman with Aurelien Arbet for My Best Fiend
  15. Smotion Music Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace win stop-motion with the extraordinary Østersøen
  16. Woodkid Music Harrowingly exciting music video from the multi-talented genius that is Woodkid
  17. Screen-shot-2012-05-22-at-09_52 Music Peter Serafinowicz's new vid for Hot Chip with Reggie Watts and a yin-yang collision
  18. Mmmv Music Monday Morning Music Video – Beautiful nostalgic imagery shot in a contemporary way
  19. Kindness Music Stop whatever you're doing and enjoy the brilliant new Kindness video
  20. This Music Fantastic Future Deluxe promo for Thom Yorke and Modeslektor's new single
  21. Etlondon Music Illustrating London life on a real torso in Emily + Tom's first promo
  22. John-peel-list Music Just stop whatever you're doing because John Peel's record collection is being digitised
  23. Blood-orange Music Gif-girls and meta-bedrooms in Blood Oranges' new track thanks to Haley Wollens
  24. Willis_earl_1 Music A beautifully sombre piece of graphite stop-frame from Willis Earl Beal
  25. Smd Music Hans Lo's super sweet new video for Simian Mobile Disco is marvellous
  26. Mroiz Music Mr. Oizo's retro new website and teaser video are really special
  27. Showdownmain3 Music A grimy, 1980s music video with a beautiful twist from Crowns & Owls
  28. Wonderful-world Music Beautiful animation by Stefan Nadelman for Lost Lander's Wonderful World
  29. Slugabeds Music Super-fun video for Slugabed's new video, fabulous, frothy Friday fun
  30. Sk_01 Music Director Sam Kristofski creates a trippy video for Opossum's latest single
  31. Jw Music Filthy, raucous kids take charge in AG Rojas's new Jack White video
  32. List-matt-brown Music Prizes for eyes, ears and grey matter courtesy of Matthew Irvine Brown and his Music for Shuffle
  33. Catelebon2 Music The new Cate Le Bon video is an absolute joy thanks to a little girl
  34. Rufus-wain Music Helena Bonham Carter stars in newly-released video for Rufus Wainwright
  35. Wrestle Music Austin Peters: Thankful
  36. Knock-for-knock Music Mogwai Japan: Knock for Knock
  37. Cerulean Music Jack Featherstone & Will Samuel: Cerulean
  38. Tm Music Juan Iglesias: Best Friend
  39. Jm Music Joseph Mann: Small Hands
  40. Boxxxxx Music Walk Off The Earth: Little Boxes
  41. Jg Music Daniel Wolfe: Time to Dance
  42. Lead2 Music Matt Maitland: Leopard Tree Dream
  43. Post Product Design FOUND: #UNRAVEL
  44. Grimes Music Emily Kai Bock: Oblivion
  45. Gotyelead1 Music Oh Yeah Wow: The Easy Way Out
  46. Post Music Ninian Doff: What'll It Take
  47. Post Music Romain Segaud: Off the Wall
  48. Julep Music Mint Julep: To The Sea
  49. Neil Music Neil Krug: The Blame
  50. Blur Music Readers' Playlist: Blur
  51. Fred-butler Music Fred Butler AW12
  52. Beirut Music Beirut: The Vagabond
  53. Ffffffffff Music The Best Blur Music Videos
  54. Lambchop Music Zack Spiger: Gone Tomorrow
  55. Ausvideo Music Expialidocious: Scavengers
  56. Laura Music Laura Marling: All My Rage
  57. Boxing Music Toby Dye: Another Night Out
  58. Is Music Isaiah Seret: You Know What I Mean
  59. Kkindness Music Kindness: Gee Up
  60. Rosalead Music Tycho Creative Studio: Rosa
  61. Goldencosmos Music Golden Cosmos
  62. Bonny Music Black Cab Sessions: Bonny Prince Billy
  63. Mia Music M.I.A: Bad Girls
  64. Forget Music Danny Sangra: Forget
  65. Yuri Music Androp: Worlds Words Lights
  66. Newfoundland-tack Music Newfoundland Tack: Surprise Stefani
  67. Dtfornt Music Adam Smith/Marcus Lyall: Don't Think
  68. Django Music Dan Brereton & David Maclean: Default
  69. Illstudiolead Music Ill-Studio: Lemonade
  70. Web Music Willis Earl Beal: Same Old Tears
  71. Realestate Music Tom Scharpling: Easy
  72. Georges Music Georges Méliès: Sonic Armada (A Trip to the Moon)
  73. Musicvidhomepage Music Review of the Year 2011: Music Videos
  74. Bowie_xmas Music Bing Crosby & David Bowie: The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth
  75. Pmm Music Man Man - Piranhas Club
  76. Myrrh Music Myrrh: Way Body Moves
  77. Joy_division Music Software DR: Transmission
  78. Gifs Music The Sea and Cake: Coconut
  79. Liv Music Nero - Reaching Out
  80. Slowclub Music Charles Watson: If We're Still Alive