Nicer Tuesdays

  1. Nt-oct-parabella-film-list Nicer Tuesdays Mikey Please takes us behind the scenes, and the backlash, of the Bake Off trailer
  2. Nt-oct-sabat-film-list Nicer Tuesdays Sabat magazine enlightens us on contemporary witchcraft culture
  3. Nt-oct-eliza-hatch-film-list Nicer Tuesdays Eliza Hatch on turning vulnerability into empowerment with Cheer Up Luv
  4. Nt-oct-smorgasbord-dylan-griffith-film-list Nicer Tuesdays Smörgåsbord’s Dylan Griffith on rebranding Wales, and the "definitive dragon"
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  6. Nicer_tuesdays_list Nicer Tuesdays Cakes can cause mass hysteria, and other takeaways from October's Nicer Tuesdays
  7. Nt-oct Nicer Tuesdays Meet the speakers: Mikey Please, Eliza Hatch, Dylan Griffith and Elisabeth Krohn
  8. Nt-sep-josh-mckenna-film-article-list Nicer Tuesdays Josh McKenna talks through his work on Pride for Google and Instagram
  9. Nt-sep-david-bailey-film-article-list Nicer Tuesdays BBC’s David Bailey’s must watch talk for font fanatics from Nicer Tuesdays
  10. Nt-sep-holly-blakey-film-article-list Nicer Tuesdays Choreographer and director Holly Blakey on making work for everyone
  11. Nt-sep-laura-callaghan-film-article-list Nicer Tuesdays Laura Callaghan on illustrating a lifestyle where women make all decisions
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  13. Nt-sep-list Nicer Tuesdays “My personal work informs everything that comes after it” and other bits we learned at September's Nicer Tuesdays
  14. Nt-aug-andrew-rae-film-article-list Nicer Tuesdays Andrew Rae on illustrating "Fear and Loathing in the time of Trump"
  15. Nt-aug-random-international-film-article-list Nicer Tuesdays Random International's Dev Joshi on its recent performance, +/- Human
  16. Nt-aug-raine-allen-miller-film-article-list Nicer Tuesdays Director Raine Allen-Miller on visualising anxiety's many forms
  17. Nt-aug-hollie-fernando-film-article-list Nicer Tuesdays Photographer Hollie Fernando on how the Pre-Raphaelites inspired her work for Laura Marling
  18. Nt-sep-meet-the-speakers-list Nicer Tuesdays Illustrator Josh McKenna joins the line-up for September's Nicer Tuesdays!
  19. Nt-sep-launch-list Nicer Tuesdays Get tickets now for Nicer Tuesdays September, this month on a Monday…
  20. Nicer-tuesdays-august-list Nicer Tuesdays Things we learned by diving into the details at August's Nicer Tuesdays
  21. Nt_aug_meet-the-speakers Nicer Tuesdays Meet the speakers: Hollie Fernando, Andrew Rae, Raine Allen-Miller and Random International
  22. Nt_july_manvsmachine Nicer Tuesdays ManvsMachine on its hugely diverse campaign for Air Max Day
  23. Nt_july_peter_anderson Nicer Tuesdays Photographer Peter Anderson on his experiments with a Widelux camera and their "wonderful distortions"
  24. Nt_july_spin Nicer Tuesdays Spin studio shares its latest work and how to perk up "depressed-looking" v’s
  25. Nt_july_kelly_anna Nicer Tuesdays Illustrator Kelly Anna on her bold and powerful figurative works
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  27. Nicer_tuesdays_list Nicer Tuesdays Look up and embrace the chaos: what we learned from Nicer Tuesdays July
  28. Nicer_tuesdays_july_meet_the_speakers Nicer Tuesdays Meet the speakers: Spin, Kelly Anna, Peter Anderson and ManvsMachine
  29. Nt_jun_weirdcore_(1) Nicer Tuesdays A rare insight into Weirdcore’s mind and retina warping visuals
  30. Nicer-tuesdays-sonya-dyakova-itsnicethat-1 Nicer Tuesdays Sonya Dyakova on drool-worthy type and retro recipe books
  31. Nt_jun_noah_harris Nicer Tuesdays Director Noah Harris on how he created an epic rave for 1000 solar powered toys
  32. Nicer-tuesdays-gem-fletcher-itsnicethat-1 Nicer Tuesdays Gem Fletcher on Riposte's game-changing photoshoot with Ericka Hart
  33. Nicer-tuesdays-july-2017-tickets-launch-lineup_list Nicer Tuesdays Get tickets now for Nicer Tuesdays July
  34. Nt-jun-recap-list Nicer Tuesdays Activism, raving and vintage cookbooks – highlights from Nicer Tuesdays June
  35. Nt_jun-relaunch-list Nicer Tuesdays Meet the speakers: Gem Fletcher, Noah Harris, Sonya Dyakova and Weirdcore
  36. Nt_may_simon_landrein Nicer Tuesdays Simon Landrein on cheeky comics and making a Cartoon Network sequence
  37. Nt_may_akinola_davies Nicer Tuesdays Akinola Davies on his film for Kenzo, celebrating Nigerian traditions and culture
  38. Nt_may_yukai_du Nicer Tuesdays Yukai Du on the painstaking animation process behind her latest film
  39. Nt_may_frances_corner Nicer Tuesdays Frances Corner on the injustices of the fashion industry, and how activism is effecting change
  40. Nt_jun-launch-list Nicer Tuesdays Get tickets now for Nicer Tuesdays June
  41. Nt-may-list Nicer Tuesdays How individuals can activate a community, and other takeaways from Nicer Tuesdays May
  42. Nt_may-relaunch Nicer Tuesdays Meet the speakers: Frances Corner, Yukai Du, Akinola Davies and Simon Landrein
  43. Nt_april_nicolas_menard Nicer Tuesdays Nicolas Ménard takes us behind the scenes of Wednesday With Goddard
  44. Nt_april_aliceandemily_stein Nicer Tuesdays Capturing the beauty of later years with filmmaking sister duo Emily and Alice Stein
  45. Nt_april_daniel_frost Nicer Tuesdays Daniel Frost takes us on a cinematic adventure to Greenland
  46. Nt_april_meandeu Nicer Tuesdays Me & EU's co-founder Sam T Smith on using creativity for unity
  47. Nt_list Nicer Tuesdays Get tickets now for Nicer Tuesdays May
  48. List Nicer Tuesdays “The creative community has a powerful voice”: what we learned at Nicer Tuesdays
  49. Nt_april_relaunch_list-img Nicer Tuesdays Meet the speakers: Nicolas Ménard, Emily and Alice Stein, Daniel Frost and Me & EU
  50. Nelly-ben-hayoun_nicer-tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays "We dream with open eyes" – Nelly Ben Hayoun on her radical new design MA
  51. Nt_mar_anthony Nicer Tuesdays Anthony Burrill on making a statement, not "visual wallpaper"
  52. Nt_mar_jon Nicer Tuesdays Jon Burgerman on his utterly brilliant Instagram experiments
  53. Nt_mar_apfel_list Nicer Tuesdays A Practice for Everyday Life on its Hockney book and Yorkshire inspirations
  54. 02_nt_april_launch_list Nicer Tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays April: get tickets now
  55. Nt-march-list Nicer Tuesdays “Work hard and be nice to people”: what we learned at Nicer Tuesdays March
  56. Nt_march_relaunch Nicer Tuesdays Meet the speakers: Anthony Burrill, APFEL, Jon Burgerman and Nelly Ben Hayoun
  57. Nt_feb_oscar Nicer Tuesdays Director Oscar Hudson shares secrets from the set of Bonobo's No Reason video
  58. Nt_feb_olivia Nicer Tuesdays "Incredibly prolific but relatively unknown": Olivia Ahmad on illustrator Jo Brocklehurst
  59. Nt_feb_mirka Nicer Tuesdays Casting snowmen: Mirka Laura Severa tells us how at Nicer Tuesdays
  60. Nt_feb_carl Nicer Tuesdays Watch: More and More's co-founder Carl Burgess at Nicer Tuesdays
  61. Launch_list Nicer Tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays March: get tickets now
  62. Nt_feb_recap_list-img Nicer Tuesdays "Finding new ideas is about breaking the cycle": what we learned at Nicer Tuesdays February
  63. Nt_feb_relaunch Nicer Tuesdays Meet the speakers: Carl Burgess, Oscar Hudson, Mirka Laura Severa and Olivia Ahmad
  64. Nt-jan-thumbnails Nicer Tuesdays Watch: illustrator and animator Jack Sachs at Nicer Tuesdays
  65. Nt-jan-thumbnails4 Nicer Tuesdays Watch: designer and materials expert Seetal Solanki at Nicer Tuesdays
  66. Nt-jan-thumbnails2 Nicer Tuesdays Watch: photographer Linda Brownlee at Nicer Tuesdays
  67. Nt-jan-thumbnails3 Nicer Tuesdays Watch: OK-RM co-founder Rory McGrath at Nicer Tuesdays
  68. Nt_feb_launch_list Nicer Tuesdays Tickets available now for Nicer Tuesdays February
  69. Nt_jan_list Nicer Tuesdays Five things we learned at Nicer Tuesdays January
  70. Nt_list Nicer Tuesdays Bigger, better, nicer: announcing Nicer Tuesdays 2017
  71. Nt_dec_jonathan_barnbrook Nicer Tuesdays Jonathan Barnbrook on Bowie, plus plenty more from Nicer Tuesdays December
  72. Nt_december_list Nicer Tuesdays Join Jonathan Barnbrook, Maisie Willoughby, Wallace Henning, Anna Lomax and Jess Bonham at Nicer Tuesdays December
  73. Jack_hudson_nicer-tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays Jack Hudson, Gemma Germains, Madeleine Penny and Jamie Clifton at Nicer Tuesdays November
  74. Nt_november_list Nicer Tuesdays Vice, Avaunt, Jack Hudson and Gemma Germains at Nicer Tuesdays November – get tickets now
  75. Nt2016_thumbnails_int_rob_flowers Nicer Tuesdays Rob Flowers, Roberto Rosolin, Liv Siddall and Greg Barth at Nicer Tuesdays October
  76. 01_nt_october_list Nicer Tuesdays A Nicer Tuesdays line-up you won’t want to miss – get tickets now
  77. Nicer-tuesdays-september_sam-pilling Nicer Tuesdays Sam Pilling, Hattie Newman, Phil Sharp and Kit Caless at Nicer Tuesdays September
  78. Nt_sep_list Nicer Tuesdays Epic music videos, paper cityscapes and pub carpets at Nicer Tuesdays September - get tickets now!
  79. Nicertuesdaysaugustlist Nicer Tuesdays Steph Wilson, DR. ME, Women Who and Benedict Redgrove at Nicer Tuesdays August
  80. List_img Nicer Tuesdays Empowerment, collage and the art of tennis balls at Nicer Tuesdays August - get tickets now!