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September 2011

  1. Weekender Miscellaneous The Weekender
  2. Surf1 Film London Surf Film Festival
  3. 4_stillspotting-091511_ph25_450w Events Stillspotting nyc
  4. Werksplaats Graphic Design Werkplaats Typografie: Mary Shelley Facsimile Library
  5. Baloonehomepage Art The Balloon Hat Experience
  6. Small Illustration My Education: Micah Lidberg
  7. Andrew_myers Art Andrew B. Myers
  8. Jbf Art James Benjamin Franklin
  9. Thomasfeichtner Furniture Design Thomas Feichtner: M3 Chair
  10. Homepageprinces Exhibition As Found: Dutch Princes
  11. Sculpturesfront Sculpture What's On: Beyond Limits
  12. Small Writing My Education: Michael Crowe
  13. Smalll Exhibition What's On: London
  14. Claireanneob Product Design Claire-Anne O'Brien: Knit Stools
  15. Lightingmatter Product Design Handmade in England Short Films: Lighting Matters
  16. Moehomepage Exhibition This Is Studio: Museum of Everything #4
  17. Whatson Product Design What's On: The Intellectual Work: Enzo Mari
  18. Fffront Miscellaneous Quayola: Strata #4
  19. Vw Fashion Vivienne Westwood: Ethical Fashion Africa
  20. Post On [...] Talks Series On [Activism]: Event write-up
  21. Small Photography My Education: Dan Wilton
  22. Mattlee Art Matt Lee: Presence of Absence
  23. Hy Interactive Hennessy Youngman: Relational Aesthetics
  24. 51_stack_16-39-37 Publication Urs Lehni of Rollo Press
  25. Ninian-post Music Ninan Doff: A Professional Display of 50 No Handed Bike Moves
  26. Small Exhibition What's On UK
  27. Tuesday Miscellaneous Mitch Hedberg
  28. George Film Martin Scorsese: Living in The Material World
  29. Arab1 Graphic Design Romain André
  30. Domidev Web Anatoliy Demidov
  31. Timsimmons Photography Tim Simmons: Urban Land Project
  32. Chanceswithwolves Miscellaneous Chances With Wolves
  33. Strange_boys Music Daniel Hill and Ryan Sambol: Me and You
  34. Tim-small Guest Post Tim Barber
  35. Bassoandbrooke Fashion Basso and Brooke
  36. Londondesignmedal London Design Festival 2011 London Design Medal: Ron Arad
  37. Jailmake London Design Festival 2011 JAILmake at Designersblock
  38. Montaguehomepage Miscellaneous London's lesser-known design gems
  39. Michael-marriott-small Bookshelf Bookshelf: Michael Marriott
  40. Img_1088 Things Things: A London Design Festival Special