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April 2012

  1. Thmain Photography Still-lifes of flowers, but not as we know it from Thomas Hauser
  2. List Product Design Japanese studio Nendo use the everyday as inspiration for their compact designs
  3. Swmain Art Sebastian Wickeroth champions the humble felt-tip as abstract art
  4. Blood-orange Music Gif-girls and meta-bedrooms in Blood Oranges' new track thanks to Haley Wollens
  5. List Illustration Excellent illustrated posters showing how books change with their readers
  6. List Graphic Design An edible lasagne cookbook from German designers Korefe, bellissimo!
  7. Abbrazil Miscellaneous It's Nice That is heading to Brazil, and we'd love to hear from local creatives
  8. Willis_earl_1 Music A beautifully sombre piece of graphite stop-frame from Willis Earl Beal
  9. List-john-short Photography Consistently striking graphic photography by the brilliant John Short
  10. Kapow-list Publication Kapow! by name, kapow by nature - check out the latest Visual Editions book
  11. Elliot-dear Film Revel in the random with Elliot Dear's latest video, Third Swan
  12. Neonlist Art An interview with neon artist Chris Bracey about his journey from Soho sex clubs to celebrity favourite
  13. List-sarah-illenberger Bookshelf Much like her work, Sarah Illenberger's Bookshelf is beautifully bright and charming
  14. Things-list Things This week's dose of Things is sure to turn those rainy frowns upside-down. Hooray!
  15. Weekender-list Miscellaneous The Weekender – great graphic design, manic laughter and why kids hate Radiohead
  16. List Photography Lauren Marsolier creates artificial beauty with her slick, collaged landscapes
  17. Tblist Film Thomas Brown celebrates shapes in five films for Swedish label NAKKNA
  18. Nylist Illustration The New Yorker covers that never made it on show in new book
  19. List Art Class equality explored through trash miniatures by Kim Alsbrooks
  20. Mmlist Graphic Design Falling in love with Mike McQuade's graphic design and illustration excellence
  21. Sdlist Photography Photographer Suki Dhanda's skill and style make her stand out from the rest
  22. Ikcameralist Product Design Ikea set to launch the KNÄPPA – a cardboard camera and potential gamechanger
  23. Frlist Graphic Design We talk about frieze's first redesign since 2007 with art director Sonya Dyakova
  24. Smd Music Hans Lo's super sweet new video for Simian Mobile Disco is marvellous
  25. Daniel-shea-list Photography Daniel Shea's photos are more than a metaphor for those living in coal country
  26. Adam-dix-list Uncategorized Genuflecting the mobile mast, aka the end of the world, is illustrator Adam Dix
  27. Lisst Photography Elliott Wilcox takes great abstract photos of empty climbing walls
  28. Studioaudience_list Miscellaneous The first It's Nice That Studio Audience podcast with Rose Blake and Andy Altmann
  29. Mroiz Music Mr. Oizo's retro new website and teaser video are really special
  30. Benjamin-hubert Fashion Benjamin Hubert's centenary celebration chair for Poltrona unveiled in Milan
  31. Gfsmith-list Miscellaneous Stunning new show from GF Smith celebrates the making as an art form
  32. List Illustration Austrian whizzes Atelier Olschinsky produce amazing mirrored cityscapes
  33. Fictionlist Film New film to promote Vitra's Fiction home collection catalogue is a beaut
  34. Mrlist Miscellaneous Matt Richardson has invented a camera that tells you what you're seeing
  35. Yumiko-utsu-list What's On They're squid heads and we like them – a new show in Paris for Yumiko Utsu
  36. Vid1 Film Jaw-dropping video showing the world's roads, flight paths and shipping routes
  37. George-grosz-list Publication An insight into a rare new book filled with the satirical acuity of George Grosz's illustrations
  38. Steven-brahms Photography Steven Brahms asks his neighbours to pose with guns in his new project
  39. List Graphic Design Typophiles Superscript² show us how it's done the other side of the Channel
  40. Jenn-ackerman-lisr Photography Jenn Ackerman bears witness to the reality of the criminally insane