April 2012

  1. Ch_list Illustration Pencil, crayons, computer – illustrator Clay Hickson can do it all
  2. Showdownmain3 Music A grimy, 1980s music video with a beautiful twist from Crowns & Owls
  3. Dadlist Advertising A look which creatives got Yellow Pencils at last night's D&AD awards
  4. Wonderful-world Music Beautiful animation by Stefan Nadelman for Lost Lander's Wonderful World
  5. Alex-prager-list Film Alex Prager stages a cinematic tale of death and compulsion in heavy noir style…
  6. Khmain2 Illustration Kristian Hammerstad's teen comic style is fantastically skewed-nostalgic
  7. Sean-pecknold Animation Sean Pecknold presents an apocalyptic tale of charming animated simplicity
  8. Rilist Interactive Data becomes alchemy in Japanese maestro Ryoji Ikeda's jaw-dropping new Berlin installation
  9. List Photography Patrick Simpson photographs a different side to prison life
  10. Jpmain Art Look here for the mysterious, yet endearing, weirdness from Jaret Penner
  11. Sa_list Photography Dutch duo Scheltens & Abbenes release a new, exhibition-inspired book
  12. Atlist Film An interview with filmmaker Andrew Telling as his stunning new cycling film is released
  13. Ron-list What's On Ron Mueck's pint-sized, hyperrealist sculptures are showing at Hauser & Wirth
  14. Olo Miscellaneous Nice animation promoting the new version Sennep's compulsive OLO game
  15. Rayyy-list Furniture Design Beautifully tessellated stools from Spanish designers Alvaro Catalan de Ocon
  16. Br_list What's On New Ben Rivers show, Phantom of a Libertine, to open at Kate MacGarry gallery
  17. Sdlist Sculpture Stunningly dynamic sporting sculptures from Sophie Dickens
  18. Pp Film New film making stars of some of the world's oldest ping pong players
  19. Noman-6 Product Design Fashion meets product design, forms NOMAN, lives happily ever after
  20. Daniel-clowes-list What's On The witty realism and trenchant cool of Daniel Clowes' comics in a survey at OMCA
  21. Craneclerk Film Upping the excitement for Clerkenwell Design Week with Crane.tv
  22. Clublist Interactive Heineken's designed-from-scratch club opens in Milan
  23. Clmain Fashion Expeditions to Madagascar inspire Charlotte Linton's beautiful scarves
  24. Thibaud-herem-list Illustration Acute architectural renderings of grand French buildings by Thibaud Herem
  25. Nk_list Photography We look at a former Prix Pictet winner's greatest series
  26. Eamain Illustration Illustrator Ellie Andrews injects fun, apres-ski vibes into football
  27. Lb_list Art Linus Bill updates with new, typically irreverent work
  28. Grant-orcahrd Animation A very suggestive one minute film Yeah Just There by Grant Orchard
  29. Ps_list Publication Ponystep: unapologetically glossy, brilliantly high colour
  30. Werner-aisslingers-list Furniture Design Why Werner Aisslinger is growing a chair in a greenhouse
  31. Talbot-type-list Graphic Design Design director Adrian Talbot launches his own lettering site, Talbot Type
  32. Db_list Photography Devin Blair shoots cinematic stills infused with hazy narratives
  33. Aflist Photography Alejandro Chaskielberg's powerful nocturnal pictures of Kenyan villages
  34. Steakmain Art A nice friendly scarf promotes the Steak Mtn show at Beach London
  35. Prometheus Film Michael Fassbender in android viral for new Ridley Scott epic Prometheus
  36. Big-list Furniture Design Marni's foray into furniture is simple, colourful and beautiful
  37. Noijelll-list Product Design Making jelly go musical – Raphaël Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard
  38. Pllist Art A glimpse into the art of the future courtesy of Paris studio Pleix
  39. 56th-studio-list Furniture Design The Simpsons in chair form from the fascinating 56th Studio
  40. Maglist Graphic Design Looking at the 15 front covers on this year's PPA awards shortlist