April 2012

  1. List-elisa-strozyk Product Design Elisa Strozyk is a master wood manipulator with flair and finesse
  2. Dinet2 Photography Dinner party stylings from Aussie duo Scott Newett and Sonia Rentsch
  3. Darren-bader Art Put your trust in Darren Bader's fusion of unlikely objects
  4. Button Advertising Wonderfully melodramatic flash stunt fun for TNT Belgium launch
  5. Yyyyyyyy Graphic Design Clothing brand Yutaka get collaborative in their ongoing project
  6. Nightshop-pov-list Product Design Colour-changing vases from Rotterdam-based designers NIGHTSHOP
  7. Me-marrionette-list Exhibition Cool animation for former Peepshow member Graham Carter's new show
  8. Fbsmall Advertising Effective if brutally pessimistic campaign from Ogilvy for bitters brand
  9. Bh_1 Graphic Design Graphic designer Bardhi Haliti on the design scene in Kosovo
  10. Kffront Advertising Hot dog - superb stuff via Karim Charlebois-Zariffa's new update
  11. Maartlist Furniture Design Furniture inspired by cell mutation? Maarten De Ceulaer's got your back
  12. Cel-list-porcelain-garden-detail Product Design Ceramicist Cecilia Borghi pulling out all sorts of porcelain shapes
  13. Tow_1 Film Director Jerry Rothwell on Ethiopia's very small town that's big on producing world-class runners
  14. Tedfront Web Secretmonger Frank Warren's TED talk is 11 minutes well spent
  15. Tv_01 Interactive Programming genius Todd Vanderlin makes maths fun (and look amazing)
  16. List-danielpalacios_waves What's On The physicality of sound and the sound of physicality by Daniel Palacios
  17. Crane2pawsmall Film Announcing our exciting link-up with Crane.tv via a great John Pawson insight
  18. Benoit-bodhuin-list Graphic Design A look at Benoit Bodhuin's benbenworld and latest font ZIGZAG
  19. Hux-list Art Artist Alec Huxley puts cinema in canvas form to devastating effect
  20. Calcfront Product Design Maths gets a reboot thanks to Berger and Föhr's gesture-based calculator
  21. Vid1 Film Fabulous, playful 1960s feel for Gia Coppola's fashion film for DVF
  22. Tobcol-list Photography Today's forecast is blue skies according to photographer Tobias Colz
  23. Jw Music Filthy, raucous kids take charge in AG Rojas's new Jack White video
  24. List-matt-brown Music Prizes for eyes, ears and grey matter courtesy of Matthew Irvine Brown and his Music for Shuffle
  25. Ps Art A look at the colourful work (and workshop) of Peter Shire
  26. List-rebecca-crompton Uncategorized — Rebecca Crompton's drawings come with a side helping of happiness
  27. Main Art Kon Trubkovich reinvents glitched videos with graphite and oil paints
  28. Lindell_list Photography Photographer Patrik Lindell makes the ordinary extraordinary
  29. Yaya_listimage Graphic Design GBH's typeface for PUMA inspired by parks' football staple gaffer tape
  30. Roger-ballen-list Photography New show from Roger Ballen – photographer with a keen and powerful lens
  31. List-achim-borchardt-humebookshelf Bookshelf Bookshelf: Chief Curator of the Whitechapel Gallery, London, Achim Borchardt-Hume
  32. Thfront Things Things: Droodles, some cracking mags and something better than cramp
  33. Weekender-list Miscellaneous The Weekender: Easter special with a massive ego and a mad Mazda
  34. Prades_list Illustration Amazingly detailed illustrations and etchings from Simon Prades
  35. Ue_01 Exhibition Welcome to Uta Eisenreich's wonderfully colourful world of objects
  36. Rararararara Art Golly gouache – new Andy Rementer show opens in the Netherlands so we spoke to the man himself
  37. Port Art This year's BP Portrait Award shortlist unveiled – see the hopefuls here
  38. Alex-kisilevich-list Art Funny and immediate – crafted visual one-liners of photographer Alex Kisilevich
  39. Sp_01 Exhibition Artists' postcards on show at Bristol's Spike Island
  40. Herrit_list Photography Celebrating the late, great photographer Herb Ritts