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August 2012

  1. Weekender-list Miscellaneous The Weekender – adverts, creatives' bins and the pen for women
  2. Eikelist Here In our latest Here London profile we meet Eike König, the maverick behind Hort
  3. Ild-list Illustration I Love Dust update their huge portfolio with even more eye-catching work
  4. Main Miscellaneous Three cheers for the internet for this brilliant Breaking Bad remix video
  5. List Graphic Design James Huyton's Resolutions illustrations are beautiful but guilt-ridden
  6. Charliecampbelllist Photography Charlie Campbell creates stunning landscape shots in her spare time
  7. List Illustration A great new book collates The Fab Four's comic book appearances
  8. Wtlist Photography Wolfgang Tillmans' new book turns his lens on the wider world with jaw-dropping results
  9. List-yuko Illustration Yuko Michishita takes you through the A to Z of Iran in a refreshingly beautiful way
  10. Jed-list Art Traditional Japanese woodblock carvings give Nintendo a newfound gravitas
  11. Cblist Advertising Perfect 1980s cop chase pastiche from Clemenger BBDO for Aussie beer
  12. Jilliantamaki-list Illustration Let Jillian Tamaki's gorgeously inked illustrations sweep you off your feet
  13. Main2 Art Rats of the skies? Nope, these pigeons get a makeover for the Venice Biennale
  14. Dysonlist Product Design Dan Watson's ingenious fish escape system scoops UK Dyson award
  15. List Miscellaneous We review the extraordinary opening ceremony for London's Paralympics
  16. Lollipop-2list Photography Carl Kleiner's new studio Lollipops series is a fun end-of-summer treat
  17. List Publication Snowboarding gets beautifully glorified in David Benedek's wonderful Current State
  18. Favre-list Illustration New updates from Malika Favre as she continues to wow the world
  19. List Graphic Design Great graphic design resource from gorgeous new Phaidon archive cards
  20. Flying-houses-5 Photography Laurent Chehere makes houses fly in his seriously believable photographs
  21. Samcoldylist Illustration Do not adjust your screen, Sam Coldy's stunning lenticulars will delight your eyes
  22. Tashalewis-list Art Street art with a soft touch – the amazing butterfly installations of Tasha Lewis
  23. Kslist Art If you like your furniture unpredictable, look no further than Klemens Schillinger
  24. Lead Photography Sushi fans beware, these Chinese fish factory shots are beautiful but graphic
  25. List Advertising Old Spice smash another ad with super silly interactive Muscle Music
  26. Vonlist Illustration Dynamic Paralympics posters the pick of a very strong set of Hellovon updates
  27. Dc-list Art Food and objects come together in Dan Cretu's bonkers, brilliant work
  28. Main1 Animation Fast-flowing creations by master of hand-drawn animation, Jake Fried
  29. List Graphic Design Animation frames into unique laser-cut business cards by Adam Glucksman
  30. List Illustration Illusive illustrator Jan Van Der Veken is making magnificent work in secret
  31. List- Film Videos, artists, interviews and lots of craft – Those Who Make is brilliant
  32. List Web Time to get nostalgic with 1980s videogame graphics from Art of the Arcade
  33. Main1 Photography Tim Tadder finds a cure for baldness with these brilliant laser-lit water wigs
  34. List Publication Impressive Iraq speeches project from new German publishers Cake
  35. Osma_list Introducing... Introducing... Come and get lost in the ethereal photographic work of Osma Harvilahti
  36. List Animation Aardman and Isobel join forces to recreate Birmingham in lovely animation
  37. West-way-list Photography Photographer David Sopronyi makes the concrete world of the Westway beautiful
  38. Sauvagelist Fashion Terry Gilliam's asleep on a horse, but looking incredibly sharp thanks to Adrien Sauvage
  39. Rolling-masterplan-list Architecture A city on wheels? Architect Jägnefält Milton has to be a genius
  40. Apglist Photography Jean-Paul Goude's legendary photographs inject a bit of humour into fashion