August 2012

  1. Dmlist Sculpture David Mach's amazing magazine sculptures are still able to dazzle
  2. In1 Photography Guns, babes and haze – the trippy style of photographer Neil Krug
  3. Main1 Graphic Design Hand-drawn type and hand-drawn heroes from Piotr Buczkowski
  4. Benedictredgrove-list Photography Photographer Benedict Redgrove's aerial shots pack a mighty Cold War punch
  5. Major_lazer Music Bring on Notting Hill! Major Lazer keep the carnival spirit alive with Get Free
  6. List Art Strawberry Cheese Guts Cake anyone? Nice psychedelia from HaYoung Kim
  7. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Celebrity portrait photographer and filmmaker Jamie-James Medina shows us his literary inspiration
  8. List Things Things – sea, street art and office life feature in this week's delicious round-up
  9. Weekender-list Miscellaneous The Weekender – cycling, slo-mo tea making and the truth about graphic design
  10. Heresonya Here Our Here profiles continue with frieze art director Sonya Dyakova
  11. Couv-list Fashion Aurelien Juner takes a subversive, striking look at fashion glossies
  12. Akashn-11 Art Mind-bending updates from the exuberantly playful Aakash Nihalani
  13. Bbhlist Miscellaneous The Barking Bathhouse brings spa pleasures and design savvy together
  14. Main Miscellaneous Risking a probing is worth it for the LOLs with these naughty passport stamps
  15. List Product Design Torafu Architects reinvent the desk with fantastic charm and style
  16. List Publication Purpose shake up the antiquarian book industry with stunning set of catalogues
  17. List Set Design Catherine Losing and Kate Fotis put scrunchies round food – and it's ace
  18. Mkmain Art Misaki Kawai pouring happiness all over the world one installation at a time
  19. Main1_11-07-20 Furniture Design Muller Van Severen have created some of the most beautiful chairs in history. Fact.
  20. Kkmain Exhibition Fantastic showcase of Jamaican dance hall illustration at KK Outlet
  21. Bodiamlist Photography Prepare to be dazzled by Michael Bodiam's magnificent photography
  22. Ah-list Illustration Indulge in some daydreaming with Adam Hancher's serene illustrations
  23. Threadlist Art Faig Ahmed's incredible thread installation re-imagines Azerbajani craft
  24. List Art Tremendous artist-made chess sets going on show in London
  25. Main Photography Love or hate the Olympics, Jonathan Glynn-Smith's photographs are amazing
  26. List Publication The new issue of Colors is a beautiful guide to the end of the world
  27. Main3 Photography Kaboom! Explosive photography inspired by video games from artist Ueli Alder
  28. Fouolist Interactive Big design for big institutions from NY studio For Office Use Only
  29. Nju-list Product Design Turning magazines into furniture with the clever folks at NJU Studio
  30. Ain Graphic Design Fantastic warped type and beautiful palettes from Colville-Walker's Ben Smith
  31. List Miscellaneous Unbelievable 16th century diagrams to help artists tackle perspective
  32. Af-list Photography Russian art gallery guardians take centre stage in Andy Freeberg's photos
  33. List Fashion Sabine Ducasse rocks the 8-bit look with her bead-fused collection
  34. Yflist Exhibition Oslo studio Your Friends impress with wonderful awards branding
  35. List Publication Brighten the Corners live up to their name with this colour-saturated annual report
  36. Kb-list Photography Ken Brown dazzles us with his spectacular photos of jukeboxes
  37. Main2 Illustration Come fall in love with the monochrome characters of Stephan Dybus Malblock
  38. List Here We look at the inspirational story of Giles Duley for our new Here profile
  39. Kyclist Graphic Design Really nice diploma design from Korean wizard Kyuhyung Cho
  40. Pklist Publication Step into the crazy, colourful world of Canadian illustrator Patrick Kyle