August 2012

  1. Ghlist Art We love Gina Heyer's amazingly realistic paintings of an empty school
  2. Ablist Animation Glory be! Layzell Bros and Jim Stoten bring Adam Buxton's mind to life
  3. Wonderroomlist Graphic Design Wonder Room presents some wonderfully engaging posters and characters
  4. Main Interactive Studio Moross/Red Bull's fantastic public interaction billboard for Jessie Ware
  5. List Graphic Design Michael Bierut and Yve Ludwig re-think true crime book design for Errol Morris
  6. Kelseylist Publication Top dog! Kelsey Dake smashes it again with her new illustrations for McSweeney's
  7. Main1 Fashion Pining for design days past? Check out these vintage Vogue covers
  8. Mhlist Graphic Design A new site from Mario Hugo showcases his tremendous talents
  9. Intern Miscellaneous Look everyone we got an ace new intern so come meet Anya Lawrence...
  10. Metz-racinelist Photography Metz + Racine's cheeky phallic shots titillate with subtle visual flair
  11. Rapha-list Fashion The beautiful new Rapha Cycle Club is a dangerously pleasant place to be
  12. List Miscellaneous Crank up your daydreaming with this beautiful remote cabin blog
  13. Main1 Photography Perfect composition makes for some serious eye-trickery courtesy of Heather Cleary
  14. Mattwisniewskilist Art Hold on to your head: Matt Wisniewski's surrealist portraits will blow your mind
  15. Gglist Graphic Design Treat your eyeballs to some perfect posters by Christopher Gray
  16. Figurelist Publication The stunning new Figure magazine has just landed in the studio and we're VERY impressed
  17. Mathislist Introducing... Introducing... We get up close and personal with the talented Mathis Pfäffli
  18. Ccclist Film Jerry Seinfeld chews the fat with star guests over coffee in new web series
  19. List Advertising Bookshelf: Ben Kay, ad-man and one of the best bloggers around shares his Bookshelf
  20. List Things Things is here showing off its brains, brawn and beauty all at once
  21. Weekenderlist Miscellaneous The Weekender — spoofs, a new take on Baby Got Back and Mo Farah gets Tumblr'd
  22. Footylist Graphic Design Zoran Lucić's football posters are a perfect pre-season appetite-whetter
  23. Main Art Favourite space-inspired artist Katie Paterson works on a real meteorite
  24. Biancawendtlist Publication Bianca Wendt's slick editorial design has got us salivating over magazines
  25. Sglist Advertising Daniel Wolfe's new Guinness spot for Saatchi & Saatchi is mighty impressive
  26. Farmhouselist Graphic Design Brand spanking new identity for Leo Burnett's new creative venture, Farmhouse
  27. Kasperflorio-list Publication Design duo Kasper Florio are producing some of the best typography we've ever seen
  28. Main2 Illustration Bow down to these dangerously charming illustrations of Aisha Franz!
  29. List Graphic Design Fascinating proposed new US road signage by Manual for Icon magazine
  30. Lm3 Here Our new Here profile focusses on stunning Australian body architect Lucy McRae
  31. List Advertising Short but very sweet handmade spot for Channel 4 from Fred & Eric
  32. Kimiselfridgelist Art Kimi Selfridge's beautiful images take instant photography to a whole new level
  33. List Photography National Geographic travel photo contest throws up some real gems
  34. List Art Ben Long's brilliant scaffolding lion is mane attraction in London park
  35. Main Photography Incredible (and squeamish) anatomical portraits courtesy of Koen Hauser
  36. List Advertising Leslie David paints the town (i.e. Paris) rainbow in these brilliant postcards for Colette
  37. Syrialist Illustration Poignant, powerful documenting of the crisis in Syria by illustrator George Butler
  38. List Film Superb behind-the-scenes film opens up D&AD Black Pencil judging
  39. Jilsanderlist Fashion Jil Sander's sumptuous pre-fall collection is beautifully captured by Ben Weller
  40. Sacmagiquelist Illustration Have a gander at some glorious updates from the curious mind of Sac Magique