August 2012

  1. List Designing London 2012 Designing London 2012: How did the Cultural Olympiad fare?
  2. Mrlist Advertising Spot-on Apple spoof from Wieden + Kennedy for American gum brand
  3. Rockthegardenlist Graphic Design The Walker Arts Center wows us with a beautifully conceived festival identity
  4. List Photography Photographer Gustavo Lacerda puts albinos centre stage in his stunning project
  5. Linaforsgren-list Publication Two books are better than one with this stunning package from Lina Forsgren
  6. Screen-shot-2012-08-14-at-17.55 Illustration Josephin Ritschel recreates Mulder and Scully in meticulous pencil comics
  7. Main Photography Is it me, or are these birds actually smiling? Check out these bird portraits by Luke Stephenson
  8. List Designing London 2012 How's about a tour of the Olympic visuals to keep that sporting spirit alive
  9. List Art Yun-Woo Choi turns newspapers and magazines into mindbending, massive sculptures
  10. Main3 Illustration Prepare your quivering eyeballs for the mystical work of illustrator Dieter Van der Ougstraete
  11. List Graphic Design Alex Trochut's bespoke font for Wallpaper*'s fashion edition is a winner
  12. Deanbrownlist Product Design Dean Brown's furniture helps you fulfil your domestic potential
  13. List Animation Fantastic new sports films as we profile animator Grant Orchard ahead of Here
  14. List Animation Space plus Richard Hogg minus incomprehensible science chat equals killer animation
  15. Main Photography Taking voyeurism to a beautiful new level – the photography of Gail Albert Halaban
  16. List Graphic Design The inaugural Information is Beautiful infographic shortlist is great
  17. Hildreylist Architecture What the? Chris Hildrey's ambiguous landscapes amaze with their minute complexity
  18. Ogilvylist Art Ogilvychange address riot-hit area with a baby-faced art project
  19. Main1 Graphic Design The pic and mix portfolio of multi-faceted designer Leo Karhunen
  20. List Graphic Design Looking back at the ultra-prolific Ikko Tanaka and his stunning graphic design
  21. Main Art Artist Chan-Hyo Bae interprets bonkers British heritage in these stunning photographs
  22. List Advertising Adidas crank up the feelgood factor with their athletes recreating a Queen classic
  23. Jackhugheslist Graphic Design Jack Hughes' scotch sipping, cigarette smoking illustrated dandies are an absolute joy
  24. Mblist Introducing... Introducing...The colourful, delicate graphic treats of Brooklyn-based Morgan Blair
  25. Radiohead Music Radiohead lead us through the woods for a glimpse at a wonderful new track
  26. Palefroi-list-maybe Graphic Design Graphic greatness and beautiful books by Berlin-based Palefroi
  27. Cpmain Bookshelf Bookshelf: Fashion's favourite blogger Charlie Porter on Snoopy, Ulysses, and the science of the suit...
  28. Thingsmain Things This week, we're talking bird-bingo, tarot cards, festive portraiture, pop-tastic zines, _and_ wonderful illustration
  29. Weekenderlist Miscellaneous The Weekender — illustration, filth and hip-hop horses
  30. List Advertising Designing London 2012: The clash of the commercial titans features in our ad round-up
  31. Taviscoburnlist Animation Muscle cars, superheroes and butch sportsmen kicking ass in Tavis Coburn's portfolio
  32. List Photography Caroll Taveras' new photo series at Mother London features lost souls (literally)
  33. Splist Set Design Introducing... The skillfull surprises of designer and maker Sarah Parker
  34. Lisa-kereszi-list Art Photographer Lisa Kereszi's strips away the artifice of enjoyment in her quietly dazzling work
  35. List Sculpture Taking eye-trickery to a whole new level – the otherworldly New Zealand sculpture park Gibbs Farm
  36. List Miscellaneous Ourit Ben-Haim 's photos of people reading on the NYC subway are amazing
  37. Sergiolist Publication Sergio Membrillas' illustrated world is packed full of wonderful characters
  38. Main Photography Gil Inoue perfectly captures Talking Heads' David Byrne in his natural (and very cool) habitat
  39. Olympiclist Fashion Designing London 2012: Taking you through the hits and misses of the Olympic kits
  40. Main1 Graphic Design Montreal's Gabrielle Lamontagne gives us sweet, silly illustration we can't resist