December 2012

  1. Sjt-list Illustration Simon John Thompson might just be the craziest illustrator alive
  2. List Fashion Time to embrace the bow-tie look? Designer Charles Olive is your man...
  3. Listimage Photography These are the stories of America and This Wild Idea lets everyday people tell it
  4. List Illustration A mightily impressive portfolio from Polish illustrator Marta Slawinska
  5. Leichtfried-list Graphic Design Paul Leichtfried produces a drastic redesign for Berlin refugee charity
  6. List Animation The office Christmas party captured in 45 seconds by Art & Graft
  7. List Photography The intimidating landscapes of the Tour de France captured beautifully by Mark Leary
  8. List Art Intriguing collage work from Chile's Macay catches the eye and captures the imagination
  9. Listimage Graphic Design Studio Small shakes the brochure awake with some fabulous art direction
  10. Rli Product Design These aren't just any old baubles, these are Pantone Christmas baubles...
  11. Jaseprnijs-list Product Design Jasper Nijs industrialises breakfast-time with ruthless efficiency
  12. List Publication Great-looking alternative fashion magazine from Christina Dietze and Nick Thomm
  13. Listimage Graphic Design Here's some super clean, crisp, colourful Japanese graphic design
  14. List Publication Loose Leaf Editions return with a killer new edition of their beautiful mag
  15. List Architecture Cheers to this really beautiful Stuttgart wine shop from Furch Gestaltung
  16. Main Publication One of the most beautiful things to have ever come through It's Nice That's door – Brendan Monroe's Islands
  17. Wham Music Wham!'s Last Christmas is ideal for our final Monday Morning Music Video of 2012
  18. Listimage Photography Christophe Negrel's Senegal series packs a hell of a punch!
  19. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience – Series Two Episode 11 with open sourcing, architecture and eroticism
  20. Listimage Things Pucker up those lips, THINGS is about to snog your face off twice!
  21. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: The inimitable Jean Jullien tells us his top 5 books!
  22. Wtop Weekender The Weekender – with a Youtube fun, dragons and a great impression of a nuclear bomb
  23. Listimage Publication Erik Kessels highlights his curatorial genius yet again In Almost Every Picture
  24. Main2 Illustration Master of the editorial illustration, we give you Rodion Kitaev
  25. Listimage Publication Fist to face is a beast of a retrospective on the works of Mirko Ilić
  26. Listimage Music Kahlil Joseph's short film for Flying Lotus is a sublime, emotive masterpiece.
  27. List Graphic Design Alicia Meseguer's intriguing, beautiful collage work in our new ABSOLUT Network profile
  28. Main Illustration What a treat! Brand new and extraordinary material from Jean Jullien!
  29. Glist Photography Gustav Almestål's makes food oddly erotic in his O Gluttony! Divine gluttony! series for The Gourmand
  30. Toro-list Music Immerse yourself in the ironic but exquisite vision of So Many Details
  31. List Photography Dave Brown's Tough Crowd shows a darker side of comedians out of the spotlight
  32. Treelist Graphic Design Design studio Marc&Anna produce some really nice work for the Tree Council
  33. Blom-list Publication Sensational snowy action shots in Daniel Blom's monumental Drifting Decade
  34. Laaaarge-list Graphic Design Studio Large push the boundaries with their experimental design
  35. Wnlist Publication Ten young illustrators take part in Q&A relay for 56+1's new issue
  36. List Uncategorized — Wow-wee! Elisabeth Moch's new site reminds us why we're such massive fans of her beautiful work
  37. Main2 y Humble, friendly photography of French artists in their studios by Jean-Marc Pau
  38. Listimage Graphic Design Slick, crisp and sublime design by the first-class Foreign Policy studio
  39. Davidortiz-list Graphic Design David Ortiz makes sense of design education with these beautiful posters
  40. Main Art Round of pool with a tiger? Matias Santa Maria's game if you are