December 2012

  1. Main Advertising So good! Publicis Groupe hack YouTube in this hilarious 2013 predictions video
  2. Listimage Advertising Mr. Loaf the pesky pug, Cupcake the hamster and the You Eat What You Touch campaign
  3. Reallistimage Interactive Ann Hamilton encourages swinging in New York, with spectacular results
  4. Cumquat-list Publication Smutty literature with crisp design at its core? Don't mind if we do...
  5. Main Film Take some time and watch this alien, drug-filled video from the inimitable AG Rojas
  6. Schmuck-list Photography Otherworldly landscapes and ethereal portraiture from the hugely talented Benjamin Schmuck
  7. List Illustration Extraordinary wood-cut print shots for Paul Roden and Valerie Leuth's Moon
  8. List In Progress 2012 A look back at In Progress 2012, our annual conference for the creative industries
  9. Energyflow-list Miscellaneous FIELD's Energy Flow is an overwhelming beast of digital design
  10. Main Illustration Dogs in backpacks and happy crabs, what's not to like about Amélie Falière's illustration?
  11. Listimage Advertising Fun, funny and funnier! The cam-whoring self-portrait twists on famous photographs
  12. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: Why a show celebrating London's worst bits has struck such a chord
  13. Placeinhell-list Publication Pieter Hugo and Damien Poulain compile a striking book of undead friends
  14. List Graphic Design Fish-pineapple anyone? Amazing foodie combinations from Festina Lente collective
  15. Listimage Film A short animated history of the GIF courtesy of the ace Sean Pecknold
  16. Main Photography William Selden's "Bitch stole my look!" shoot for PonyStep Magazine
  17. List Advertising Nice stop-motion advert shows off the Moleskine online store
  18. Muyum-list Graphic Design Tatabi Studio create a refreshingly tasteful identity for kids' food brand
  19. Main Photography Chilly winter light and crisp duvets in the photography of Hana Knizova
  20. Main Illustration Sweetness and hilarity make up the illustration of Marion Fayolle
  21. Listimage Sculpture Giving wintry landscapes a colourful makeover with a Snow Pallet
  22. Baubles Miscellaneous Two festive charity projects create manly decorations to raise cancer awareness
  23. Mamie_todeschini_list Graphic Design Cracking set of typographic gig posters from Todeschini Mamie
  24. List Web Dutch designer Daan Louter creates impressive interactive CV for The Guardian
  25. List Advertising Ten years of Sailor Jerry attitude encapsulated in cool two minute video
  26. Listimage Graphic Design Check out Pete Rossi's brilliant graphic design for In Pursuit of the Question Mark
  27. List Graphic Design Feixen's lavish poster designs are some of the finest we've seen in a very long while
  28. Sigur_ros Music Sigur Rós' experiment comes to an end with Floria Sigismondi beautifully directing Elle Fanning
  29. Thereallistimage Photography Lose yourself by delving into Julie Blackmon's fantasies of everyday realities
  30. Listimage Things And the Lord said to Noah, "Let there be THINGS! – It'll be floody sound!" And it was good
  31. Main Bookshelf Bookshelf: Your new favourite photographer Jane Stockdale shows us her bookshelf!
  32. Weekender-list Weekender The Weekender – high fives, hipsters and the rap colouring book
  33. List Studio Audience Podcast Studio Audience – Series Two, Episode 10 with computer games, cookbooks and pin-ups
  34. List Art Weird and wonderful work form Rubenimichi in our new ABSOLUT Network profile
  35. Santa-list Animation Dead Father Christmas in this hard hitting animation from Beyond
  36. List Exhibition New show at KK Outlet celebrates Shit London is all its grimy glory
  37. Gifs-list Miscellaneous How about some Christmas Gifs to get you into the festive spirit
  38. Main Graphic Design Such a good idea! Bespoke hand-drawn type from Nicole Lavelle's W-o-r-d-U-p
  39. Geographics-list Publication Victionary produce yet another excellent volume of graphic goodness
  40. List Graphic Design We were blown away by Tappin Gofton's album work for Everything Everything