December 2012

  1. Main2 Film Oh it's party time alright! Brand new Keith Schofield (Beware – NSFW)
  2. Main3 Illustration Exploring the darker side with fabulous illustrator Yann Kebbi
  3. Vrints-list Graphic Design Wow! Check out the colourful prints of Vincent Vrints
  4. Listimage Animation Freshly graduated, Eamonn O'Neil is already at the very top of his game
  5. Kengarland-list Publication Unit Editions' latest Ken Garland monograph is a weighty volume of powerful design
  6. Main Art Dan Bradica takes a heap of paper back to the woods, with strangely beautiful results
  7. Listimage Photography Staggering leg-powered wide loads courtesy of Alain Delorme's Totems
  8. In_progress_2012_michaelmorris_davidkohn_list In Progress 2012 Our final In Progress profile looks at the creators who shaped A room for London
  9. List Product Design Sweet! Introducing the playful, attention-seeking Pinokio lamp
  10. Kettal-list Publication Barcelona's Clase BCN show off a pair of beautifully bound new publications
  11. Opinion-list Opinion Opinion: The Dandy goes digital, and that's absolutely fine
  12. List Miscellaneous Terrific blog celebrates the supreme awkwardness of the Missed High Five
  13. Thelistimagereal Graphic Design A fresh, Swedish graphic design studio for y'all to be inspired by
  14. Main Illustration Lashings of pizza and sourdough served up by illustrator Grace Danico
  15. Annual2012_list It's Nice That Annual Today is the day people – the It's Nice That Annual is here and my goodness it's a beauty
  16. Palladino-list Introducing... Introducing...The stunningly painted world of Californian artist Matthew Palladino
  17. Listimage Photography Into the wild – Ben Huff takes the journey on The Last Road North
  18. List Publication Praline's gorgeous Polpo publication bucks the trend for run-of-the-mill cookbooks
  19. Listimage Photography Maria Moore captures the traces left by adrenaline-packed paintball battles
  20. Main Illustration Master of the Fuzzy Felts Jacopo Rosati shows us his spectacular collages
  21. List Art Bright, playful paintings from the extra-special Nathalie du Pasquier
  22. Main Photography Daniel Stier casts a shrewd eye upon the suburban British look
  23. Main Art Multi-storey pencil creations by the spectacular Martin Groß
  24. Ls-list Product Design LS Graphic Design make taps sexy with their brochures for Mamoli
  25. List Art Jen Stark's new work takes her talents with colour, form and texture to the next level
  26. Listimage Interactive Roam through colour with the Interactive installation by Carlos Cruz Diez
  27. Main Illustration Sexy mamas! We're big fans of Frau Franz's deadpan pin-ups
  28. List Uncategorized — Are those, um... Designer Lauren Francescone messes with our minds
  29. Bloomberglist Illustration Flip those Monday morning blues the bird with Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk's new work
  30. Derekwelsh-list Product Design Derek Welsh and Graphical House reinvent a board game classic
  31. Main Photography A personal tour of the world courtesy of photographer and director Josh Cole
  32. Main Film Otherworldy beauty featuring Elijah Wood for Flying Lotus' latest video
  33. Nordicenergy-list Graphic Design Lundgren Lindqvist create a striking identity for Nordic Energy Research
  34. Main Fashion Bookshelf: The lovely Marie My shows her her impressive fashion-based bookshelf!
  35. Listimage Things THINGS survies the waves of Sao Paulo, science, portraits and fresh perspectives!