July 2012

  1. Swan2list Film Find out why Iain Sinclair and Andrew Kotting took a swan pedalo from Hastings to Hackney
  2. Jeffreydell-list Print Have your cake and eat it with Jeffrey Dell's beautiful prints
  3. Whmain Graphic Design Graphic designer Ward Heirwegh and a parquet floor – a visual match made in heaven
  4. Si-begg Music Mindblowing analogue visuals for Si Begg's new single, Permission to Explode
  5. List Art New William Blanchard show has wit and weirdness in equal measure
  6. Srlist Music Whatever else you do today watch Ramin Bahrani's video for Sigur Rós
  7. Main2 Miscellaneous Forget the favourites, join London Underdogs mission to support the less-good Olympians
  8. Kristiina-lahde-list Art Mix-tape: Kristiina Lahde refreshes centimetres and inches with her wonderful work
  9. Manos4list Photography A big hand for Jose Enrique Montes Hernandez' enigmatic Manos series
  10. Fpe-gary-webb-list Art SWEET! Frieze Projects East brings a confection of public sculpture to east London
  11. Km-list Photography Glorious celebrations of sporting totems from photographer Kelvin Murray, NOT linked to you-know-what
  12. Ytlist Illustration Lovely cycling illustrations from Yang Tae inspired by the Rapha team
  13. Main Art Identically smashed windows – tremendous new work from sculptor Alex Chinneck
  14. Weblab-list Exhibition Google and Science Museum launch an interactive extravaganza with Chrome Web Lab
  15. Paetzer Illustration ABBA tributes and car accidents, be prepared to add Paul Paetzel to your list of favourite illustrators
  16. 2bears-list Music Serious feel-good visuals in Federico Vitetta's new promo for The 2 Bears
  17. Maya-wild-list Illustration Illustrator Maya Wild draws the coolest kind of pop fan art with serious party vibes
  18. Shlist Advertising Channel 4's brilliant Paralympic advert sets a new standard
  19. Main2 Photography Michael Tighe shares three decades of behind-the-scenes shots of the world's most prolific icons
  20. Nick-sheehy-other-list Art For the birds: enter the fantastical feathered worlds of Nick Sheehy (aka Showchicken)
  21. Eyal-gever-list-01 Art Terrific stuff as technology meets art in the fascinating collision sculptures of Eyal Gever
  22. List Miscellaneous Dominic Wilcox marks London 2012 by capturing the sounds of makers' studios
  23. Agslist Animation Art & Graft sign up top animation talent for new autism charity project
  24. Magicsweater-list Illustration Brace your eyes: Magic Sweater returns with a barrage of portfolio updates
  25. Minna Illustration Peer inside the dreamy, retro mind of Rookie Magazine's Minna Gilligan
  26. Camillabengtsen-list Exhibition Beautifully simple identity work from Danish designer Camilla Bengtsen
  27. Abomblist Miscellaneous Incredible LIFE pictures of the aftermath of a Cold War atomic bomb test
  28. Pentringslist Graphic Design Typographic Tree Rings evoke the history of London's Olympic Park site
  29. Melnguyen-list Introducing... Introducing... The witty sculptural works and digital experiments of Mel Win
  30. Gourmand-list-01 Publication Looks good enough to eat: The new, deliciously designed food and culture journal, The Gourmand
  31. Main1 Graphic Design Antoine et Manuel: a real party bag of design and feel good graphics
  32. Nikdaum-list Photography The magnificent photography of Nik Daum will have you dumbstruck with awe
  33. Muratmain Illustration Worship cult films? Check out Murat Palta's oriental cinematic miniatures
  34. Timmcdonagh-list Introducing... Introducing... The immaculate illustration of Tim McDonagh
  35. Road-and-rail-links-list Uncategorized — Mass Observation and Preston is my Paris' new book highlighting overlooked roadside architecture
  36. Namsa_leuba_list Photography Breathtaking fashion photographs from Swiss photographer Namsa Leuba
  37. Jens-ulrich-list Art Brilliantly simple collages by Jens Ullrich fusing sport and figurative sculpture
  38. Maadonna-list Web Emerging net artists Kim Asendorf and Emilio Gomariz unite on many meta-levels to be Maadonna
  39. Dixon-baxi-list Graphic Design This is "Y": We interview DixonBaxi about rebranding UKTV Yesterday
  40. Charles-atlas-bookshelf-list Bookshelf This week's bookshelf is from Charles Atlas, video artist and director of TURNING with Antony & the Johnsons