July 2012

  1. Things-list Things Things this week is all manner of graduate publications!
  2. List The Graduates 2012 Documentaries, toilet humour and tribal automobiles from The Graduates 2012's Isabel Gibson
  3. Weekender-small Weekender The Weekender's here to trash literary classics and respectfully fear Mother Earth
  4. Pictoplasma Publication Catching up with the good folks at Pictoplasma to investigate The Character Compendium
  5. Maciek-pozoga-list Photography The multifarious styles of Maciek Pozoga is a real coup for portrait photography
  6. Etienne-gros-list Sculpture Etienne Gros sculpts sponge into squidgy Venus de Milo-esque forms - yes!
  7. The-weather-yesterday-list Graphic Design Troika's The Weather Yesterday installation takes on a national pastime
  8. Astrid-stavro-list Graphic Design Astrid Stavro Studio and Grafica bring in the goods with work for Son Brusque
  9. Timothy-lapointe-cascade-list Animation An excellent, psych-happy animation, Cascade, from Timothy LaPointe
  10. List Miscellaneous Look! Quick! We're giving away 50 sets of Paul Smith designed Olympic First Day Covers
  11. 01-alex-walker-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012's Alex Walker turns out masterful educational illustrations
  12. List Product Design Lofty urban hives courtesy of Bee Collective and their magnificent Sky Hive
  13. Journey-to-greatness-collection-list Fashion Parallel passions and the power of determination concludes the Journey To Greatness project
  14. Corbusier-1 Product Design Le Corbusier was born 125 years ago, ECAL students design him some very nice presents…
  15. Deutche-borse-list Exhibition Deutsche Börse Photography prize 2012: Lights, wastelands, the Cold War, and golden-era Hollywood
  16. List Architecture Tasty Travels: The mouthwatering culinary illustrations of Gatto Bravo
  17. List Graphic Design The hugely diverse and consistently wonderful portfolio of Harriman Steel
  18. Maggie-li-list Illustration Bask in the work of Maggie Li, she can illustrate everything under the sun
  19. Vanessa-lam Exhibition Proposed Identities: Vanessa Lam's stunning branding for a conceptual enterprise
  20. List The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012's Jake Evans on Leonardo Da Vinci and replacing "work" with "bacon"
  21. List Music Mindblowing future madness in CANADA's new Justice video New Lands
  22. Yuko Illustration Majestic Ukiyo-e inspired illustrations from the gifted Yuko Shimizu
  23. William-selden-list-1 Photography A textural high courtesy of some psychedelic kittens from William Selden and Gary Card
  24. Lcf-list Fashion LCF visually harness the complexities of movement in their outcome for Journey To Greatness
  25. Yerina-cha-list Graphic Design Measured design by Yerina Cha with a deft, all-things-considered application
  26. Journey-to-greatness-ccw-list Fashion CCW visualise "strength as beauty" in their dynamic interpretation of an athlete's Journey To Greatness
  27. List Events Beautifully nostalgic shots of suburban America from photographer Ben Pier
  28. Post2 Fashion Meet the talented Mr Vibskov: fashion designer, set designer, artist, musician etc etc
  29. Sohei-nishino-list Art Wanderlust - Sohei Nishino's multi-photo maps show us the way
  30. List Product Design Design duo Wilfred van der Weide and Timo Demollin, aka wilfredtimo, make super-heroic graphics
  31. Ellie-andrews-list The Graduates 2012 Lads in the bookies and the offside rule explained care of The Graduates 2012's Ellie Andrews
  32. Nest-list Graphic Design Jean Jullien's Nest is eggs-cellent and all other egg puns rolled into one
  33. Jean-de-wet-list Illustration Byzantine landscapes in brilliant detail from South Africa-based illustrator Jean de Wet
  34. Csm_home_page Fashion CSM seek to capture the raw energy of truly great, sporting moments for Journey To Greatness
  35. Yelena-bryksenkova-list Art Yelena Bryksenkova's illustrations are pure pen and watercolour magic
  36. Eric-kessels-list What's On Collector extraordinaire Erik Kessel's latest unconventional photographic exhibition, Album Beauty
  37. List Graphic Design A consistently brilliant body of commercial work from intercontinental designers Left Loft
  38. Lcc_homejpg Fashion We take a look at LCC's innovative running-drawing machine for their Journey To Greatness
  39. Basket-tree-list Product Design Branching out - A/LTA Architects' Basketball Tree is a real winner
  40. James-hines-list Graphic Design Happy repetitions and chance compositions from graphic illustrator, James Hines