July 2012

  1. List The Graduates 2012 Rooftop golf and flammable stationery from The Graduates 2012's Josh King
  2. Eckart-hahn-list Art Really unreal: The compelling compositions and strange symbolism of Eckart Hahn's paintings
  3. Day-one-list Uncategorized — The power and culture of sport as interpreted by a unique group of talent in Nike's Journey To Greatness
  4. Luke-fenech-list Graphic Design The clean compositions of Luke Fenech's graphic design appeals to all the senses
  5. List Film Vibrant Dragon Boat animation from Dutch animator Christian Borstlap
  6. Krads_stodin-list Uncategorized — Icelandic/Danish architects KRADS complete the American inspired Stöðin panaromic drive-in
  7. List Fashion Stunning SS13 Givenchy shots from the hugely talented Angelo Pennetta
  8. Lorna-scobie-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012's Lorna Scobie has a zoo in her brain and a inky paintbrush in her hand…
  9. Antony-zinonos Graphic Design The awesome collage illustration of Antony Zinonos is a fine, fun thing
  10. Beg Music Non-stop dance joy from Bombay Bicycle Club's latest music video
  11. Dark-knight-rises Film A threateningly exciting, behind-the-scenes 13 minute short for The Dark Knight Rises
  12. Wayne-hemingway-design-list Bookshelf This weeks Bookshelf courtesy of Vintage Festival and HemingwayDesign founder, Wayne Hemingway
  13. Things-list Product Design A bike-happy, tasty reindeer of a Things feature - with some stickers thrown in for good measure
  14. List The Graduates 2012 Beautiful, bold graphics and a disorientating adventure from The Graduates 2012's Jack Haslehurst
  15. Weekenderlist Weekender Disparaging children, filthy geniuses and a time traveller all milling about in The Weekender
  16. Chengguo-list Product Design Chewing operated drill and a teeth lathe! The brilliant Mouth Factory by Cheng Guo
  17. List Illustration Killer portfolio updates from Brighton colour-wizard Matt Taylor
  18. Karel-martens Film Karel Martens on design: Not like fries and mayo, pleasing you instantly but then causing stomach-aches
  19. Letra Graphic Design Letra, aka Marco Balesteros, makes game play of graphics to great effect
  20. A-thousand-reasons Animation A Thousand Reasons: Daniel Britt's beautiful origami cranes battle the bombs
  21. On-creativity Film On Creativity, does exactly what it says on the tin. Great films with Andrew Zuckerman and more
  22. Michael-schoner Product Design We speak to Michael Schoner about the mini-architecture of his Z Steps
  23. Andrew-duncan-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012: Andrew Duncan splits atoms on a photocopier and you're talking about the Higgs boson?
  24. List Graphic Design Welcome to the beautifully-designed world of Swiss studio Atlas
  25. List Architecture Prepare to be bowled over by NL Architects' stunning rooftop velodrome
  26. Erin-fostel-list Art Robot Wars! Erin Fostel's photorealistic drawings take us off to lands of make-believe
  27. Prix-pictet-list Photography Photography Prix Pictet shortlist has been announced, this years theme: Power
  28. Carl-kleiner-list Photography Carl Kleiner has gone done it again with his high fashion geometry for V Magazine
  29. List Sculpture Wow! ART + COM dazzle us with breathtaking metallic rain installation
  30. Jilly-ballistic Advertising Wonderfully irreverent pop-up street art from Jilly Ballistic
  31. Kiji Art Immerse yourself in Keiji Shinohara's beautifully woodblock printed (yes!) landscapes
  32. Ben-woodeson What's On The unbearable tension of being, new sculptures by Ben Woodeson
  33. Grace-helmer-list The Graduates 2012 The Graduates 2012 presents Grace Helmer and her narratively deep paintings
  34. List Film Ignacio's Mostly Latin Lunch, a wonderful foodie film from legendary voyeur The Selby
  35. Luc-melanson-other-list-possibly Illustration Someone give illustration champion Luc Melanson a medal! This is great!
  36. List Graphic Design Adding real class to vintage clothing with Lotta Niemenen's lovely design
  37. List Photography Local sports with local people: beautiful photography from the Twelfth Man project
  38. Ikhoor-list Graphic Design Some excellence for your eyeballs with the lovely poster works of Daniel Kent aka Ikhoor
  39. Bevis-charlie Art Forget everything you've ever learnt and re-learn it according to Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle
  40. Jacob-hashimoto-list Art Jacob Hashimoto's high-flying installation is a real wonder at the Ronchini Gallery